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POLL: Are you ordering UFC 87 2nite?
Hell yeah 68% (32)
Naw I'll Pass 9% (4)
Watching it somewhere 23% (11)
8/9/08 3:22:06AM
oh yes to all my fans im back again and you know what im going to be asking!!

Im ordering this event for sure because GSP is my favorite fighter and of course Im going to watch huerta and lesnar kick ass. Im also going for emerson, maia, kongo, wilson, tamden, ben saunders, andre gusmao

so are u going to order it?
8/9/08 3:29:51AM
i could swear that you work for ZUFFA. every ufc event you make this thread haha.. but to answer your question, yes i'll be watching ufc 87.
8/9/08 3:35:29AM

Posted by loller90278

i could swear that you work for ZUFFA. every ufc event you make this thread haha.. but to answer your question, yes i'll be watching ufc 87.

you got to give me props tho cause i dont miss one event even tho i may get annoying
8/9/08 4:07:19AM
It is probably forum suicide to admit this but here it goes. I have to work so I will be missing this fight. It hurts inside but I will try to maintain a strong exterior.

The sad part is I have been complaining that the UFC never comes to my home state of Minnesota, and when it finally does I can't even take off of work.
8/9/08 6:36:55AM
Ill watch it on tomorrow morning, the card doesn't have any of my favorites.
8/9/08 8:42:15AM
I will be watching this event!!!

I really hope it lives upto the hype!!!

It does have my favourite fighter going into open a can, Kongo!!!!

8/9/08 9:27:24AM

Posted by Purge

Ill watch it on tomorrow morning, the card doesn't have any of my favorites.

There has to be something wrong with you.

I'll be watching it at a buddys house.
8/9/08 9:27:42AM
I don't remember the last time I've missed a card. Honestly don't. I schedule things around MMA events frequently. If it's a choice between partying/camping/whatever and going to see an MMA card, MMA pretty much always wins.
8/9/08 10:01:08AM
I'm going someplace to watch...
8/9/08 10:04:56AM
i already ordered it can't wait to come home from work plop down and relax
8/9/08 10:34:53AM
Me and NatedawgThaM are ordering it and some buddies are coming to watch it also.
8/9/08 12:01:48PM
"Hell yeah." I specifically asked if I could come in to work later tomorrow morning so I could tune in. Of course, I didn't tell my boss the real reason why.
8/9/08 12:40:05PM
"Hell Yeah" Well, me and 3 of my friends spilt the bill as always.
8/9/08 1:42:19PM
I will not be ordering it....

Mainly becuase I'm in MN right now at the hotel, waiting to go to the EVENT LIVE!!!!!

The weigh-ins were pretty badass. Hughes was sitting 2 rows in front of me, but as soon as GSP/Fitch were going o weigh in he took off ASAP. Could tell he defiantly does not like GSP. Sherk (who was 3 rows ahead of me) stayed though.
8/9/08 2:34:08PM
Done and done... Should be a great night of fights tonight!
8/9/08 2:44:41PM
pro stream mma tv FTW!
8/9/08 3:22:14PM
I'm ordering it, it's such a stellar card, I mean Lesnar vs Herring, Florian vs Huerta, and Maia vs MacDonald, you just can't lose.
8/9/08 4:56:21PM
I get it free (well you have to subscribe to setanta) and i am definitely watching it only problem is it starts at 3am and i got work at 8 so i haven't decided if i am going to bed now and watching it live or getting up at like 5 to watch it.
8/9/08 5:01:27PM
I'm ordering it for sure. GSP is my favorite and can't wait to watch Lesnar win.
A bunch of my friends are coming over like always.
8/9/08 5:14:07PM
I am also ordering it. I used to go watch it at the bar, but too many loud, obnoxious people there to really enjoy. so I just order all of them. they are alloted into my monthly bills. WAR HUERTA!!!
8/9/08 7:32:03PM
Ohhhh Yeaahhhhh, I've just cracked open my first Heineken Dark (delicious) and have watched the UFC pre fight shit on PPV twice in a row now. I can't wait for this card. WAR HUERTA!!
8/9/08 8:02:05PM
Ill be watching. Im feeling really tired already though (its 1am here) and im just hoping i can stay awake. I wish they showed the undercards so i could have something to do while im waiting for it to start. Rather than just laying here getting more and more sleepy.

Tonight im rooting for Fitch and kenflo, i find cards more fun to watch when theirs somebody you can get behind fighting on them.
8/9/08 8:41:31PM
I really wish I was watching it but I don't have PPV and my buddy isnt ordering it either.
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