Optimistic Overeem doesn't seem to get it

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6/29/12 9:22:53PM
Alistair Overeem has grown accustomed to squashing things.

For the past five years, Overeem has stomped unabated though the heavyweight landscape of both mixed martial arts and professional kickboxing, amassing a combined record of 20-2-1, capturing the Strikeforce heavyweight title and winning the vaunted K-1 World Grand Prix tournament, all while appearing to spin the combat sports world on his finger like a massive basketball.

There have been so many lopsided victories and so many foes vanquished with such minimal effort, you can’t really blame the 6-foot-5, 270-pound giant if he’s come to believe himself invincible.

Perhaps it's that feeling of invincibility that leads Overeem to appear so nonchalant about his current public relations crisis, as if the surprise drug test that caught him with a testosterone level more than twice the legal limit in April will slip into the past as easily as, say, Mark Hunt, Todd Duffee or Brock Lesnar.

6/29/12 9:31:48PM
Mark Hunt is future number 1 at HW, whattaya mean slip into the past?
6/30/12 12:11:14AM
The writer seemed to have a definite distaste for Overeem. Many fighters have been caught using PED's. Many fighters used PED's and have not been caught. And, many fighters don't use PED's. Overeem was caught. He will have to suffer the consequences. Part of those consequences are proving he is a top fighter without PED's. The writer seems to think Overeem may need the rest of his career to prove he is not a fraud.

My thoughts...

Many pro athletes use PED's, but they know how to pass the tests. How do you know if a pro athlete is using PED's or not? You can't. You might make the assumption by looking at someone the size of say, Overeem, but you can't truly know for certain. That is what testing is for. If an athlete passes the tests, they are classified as "clean." If Overeem passes the tests, he is no more suspicious than any other fighter. Just my opinion.