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1/9/08 12:43:00AM
so i was working and sean loeffler came into my work today and i got to talking to him and he offered me to set up some fights for me at TFA (local mma org) and KOTC. he's seen my JJ skillz and my stand up is improving (boxing with future olympiads). now my question is should i skip amateur fights (i dont really want to) to go pro or work my way up ?

1/9/08 1:01:46AM
I think it depends on how good you are. If you think you are ready for it then i think you should definitely go for it, but the thing about fighting is that you can't change what happens to your record. So if you start a professional career to early then it could make a bad impact on your record. And now that you have such a good connection doing some amateur fights couldn't hurt. Because if you do good in them you know that you know someone that could still help you get into professional bouts.
1/9/08 1:28:43AM
As with anything that is dangerous you should crawl, walk and then run...if he is serious about you then he can help you get 3-5 exhibition fights in before you go pro. I think you need those to determine your strengths/weaknesses and adjust your training to counter them. Plus (no offense) but you need to mature as a fighter correctly or you could end up like Diego Sanchez, and Melvin Guillard who are incredibly poor losers!
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