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1/18/09 12:22:06PM
Henderson: Bisping after TUF
Franklin: Machida or Thiago Silva, whichever loses, rich definitely proved he is a top 10 lhw, even in defeat.
Shogun: Chuck
Coleman: Eddie Sanchez at hw, give him a guy he can ground and pound and let him go out with a win
Palhares: Alan Belcher
Horn: Nate Quarry (gutsy performance earned him another fight in the ufc)
Davis: Dustin Hazlett
Lytle: Tamden McCrory
Belcher: Palhares
Kang: Jason Day or Kendall Grove
Siver: Rich Clementi
Mohr: cut
Hathaway: Shannon Gugerty
Eagan: needs more time in smaller orgs
Kampmann: Jonathan Goulet (he needs a highlight reel win)
Barros: Luke Cummo
Drwal: Houston Alexander
Serati: Antonio Mendes
Schaeffer: Luis Cane
Mendes: Serati
1/18/09 12:30:35PM
Henderson: Obviously Bisping.
Franklin: Loser of Machida vs. Silva, agreed he is a top 10.
Coleman: Retire ASAP.
Shogun: Chuck as we already know.
Palhares: Belcher PLEASE, I want Belcher to lose.
Horn: whoever.
Kang: Jason Day, Kendall Grove, or Ed Herman.
Belcher: Palhares.
Lytle: Kevin Burns.
Davis: Anthony Johnson after his fight if he wins.

Undercard guys, sorry but I don't have the time at the moment
1/18/09 1:00:48PM
Franklin: Forrest Griffin at 205
Shogun:Chuck Liddell
coleman: retire please
Palhares: Rob Kimmons
Horn: he's done
Davis: Rory Markham
Lytle: Burns or Yoshida
Belcher: Patrick Cote
Kang: Joe Vedepo or Almeida
Siver: Mark Bocek
Mohr: Nover or Stout
Hathaway: Dale Hartt
Eagan: dont see him coming back
Kampmann: Brad Blackburn or Paul Kelly
Barros: dont see him coming back
Drwal: Steve Cantwell
Serati: Krzysztof
Schaeffer: James Lee
Mendes: Brian Stann
1/18/09 8:42:46PM
Dan Henderson:Michael Bisping
Shogun Rua:Chuck Liddell
Alan Belcher:Jason MacDonald
Tomasz Drawl:Steve Cantwell
Marcus Davis:Winner of Markham vs Hardy
John Hathaway:Jared Rollins
Dennis Siver:David Baron
Rousimar Palhares:Nate Marquardt
Eric Shafer:New Comer
Martin Kampmann:Yoshiyuki Yoshida

Rich Franklin:Forrest Griffin
Mark Coleman:out of the ufc
Denis Kang:Tim Creuder
Ivan Serati:Houston Alexander
Chris Lytle:Brad Blackburn
Tom Egan:Brandon Wollf
Nate Mohr:out of the ufc
Jeremy Horn:oput of the ufc
Antonio Mendes:Eliot Marshall or Vinny Magahles
Alexandre Barros:Paul Taylor
1/18/09 11:11:33PM
hendo vs bisping
franklin will fight machida

kang will fight on canada card against maybe jason mcdonald

shogun vs iceman

coleman goes to heavyweight faces heath herring

horn is out of ufc

drwal fights shaffer

mendes out of ufc

belcher will be on canada card

davis fights kos next

lytle fights winner of hardy/markham winner

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