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12/28/08 4:20:38AM
Rashad Evans:QJ Rampage
Frank Mir:Brock Lesnar
C.B Dollaway:Jorge Rivera
QJ Rampage:Rashad Evans
Cheick Kongo:Antoni Hardonk
Yushin Okami:Winner of Anderson vs Leites
Antoni Hardonk:Cheick Kongo
Matt Hamill:Jason Brilz or James Irvin
Brad Blackburn:Ben Saunders
Pat Barry:New Comer

Forrest Griffin:Keith Jardine
Antonio Rodriguo Nogueira:Randy Couture
Mike Massenzio:Nissen Osterneck
Wandy Silva:Luiz Cane
Mustapha Al-Turk:Eddie Sanchez
Dean Lister:Jason MacDonald
Mike Wessel:Justin McCuly
Reese Andy:out of the UFC
Ryo Chonnan:Tamden McCrory
Dan Evensen:out of the UFC
12/28/08 4:31:00AM

Posted by mrkennedy

Antoni Hardonk:Cheick Kongo

I hope they make that fight, I was talking to my bro and it seems like it makes sense.
12/28/08 4:40:57AM
Rashad Evans: Rampage, Shogun
Frank Mir: Lesnar obviously
C.B Dollaway: loser of Alan Belcher/ Denis Kang
Rampage: Rashad, Shogun 2
Cheick Kongo: Shane Carwin/ Gabe Gonzaga
Yushin Okami: Thales Leties, Nate Marquardt
Antoni Hardonk: Pat Barry
Matt Hamill: Ryan Bader
Brad Blackburn: Hmmmm
Pat Barry: Antoni Hardonk

Forrest Griffin: Hmmmm
Antonio Rodriguo Nogueira: Randy Couture, Gabe Gonzaga?
Mike Massenzio: Eirc Schaefer
Wandy Silva: (I think he may be done) if not, James Irvin
Mustapha Al-Turk: Eddie Sanchez
Dean Lister: Don't think we will see him in the UFC anymore.
Mike Wessel: Al Turk?
Reese Andy: a paper bag
Ryo Chonnan: I think he's terribly overrated, so i don't care.
Dan Evensen: who even cares?
12/28/08 8:05:26AM

Posted by Hendo67

Dean Lister: Don't think we will see him in the UFC anymore.

Prior to this, Lister had lost once in the UFC, to nate marquardt, I don't see how you can say he'd get cut.
12/28/08 8:55:56AM
Rashad Evans: Rampage.

Frank Mir: Brock Lesnar.

Rampage: Rashad Evans.

Yushin Okami: winner of Silva-Leites.

CB Dolloway: Jason McDonald.

Cheick Kongo: Gabriel Gonzaga or a rematch with Heath Herring.

Antoni Hardonk: Cain Velasquez.

Matt Hamill: Keith Jardine.

Forrest Griffin: Shogun if he beats Coleman, if not then Chuck Liddell.

Big NOG: Randy Couture.

Wanderlei Silva: winner of Lyoto Machida-Thiago Silva.

Pat Barry: Eddie Sanchez.

Brad Blackburn: Karo Parisyan.

the others I don't care about seeing again.

12/29/08 1:39:16AM
Rashad - Rampage
Mir - Lesnar
CB - J. Rivera
Rampage - Rashad
Kongo - Hardonk
Okami - Nate Marquardt
Hardonk - Kongo
Matt Hammill - Jones/Bonnar winner
Brad Blackburn - Luigi F.
Pat Barry - Junior Dos Santos

Forrest - Jardine(Rematch)
Nogueira - Randy
Massenzio - Jason Day
Wanderlei - Thiago/Lyoto loser
Al Turk - Mike Wessel
Reese Andy - Eliot Marshall
Chonan - out
Evansen - out

12/29/08 9:10:15AM
i think evenson and chonan are on their way out

bonner vs hamill

rampage vs forrest

evans vs winner of silva/machida

wandy vs loser of silva/machida

big nog vs couture

kongo vs hardonk or velasquez

forrest vs lidell or rampage

mir vs lesnar

okami should fight silva in april i think that is why ufc hasn't annouced leites bout.

lister vs almeida

dollaway vs rivera in feb maybe

12/29/08 9:47:59AM
Rashad Evans:WInner of Lyoto / T. Silva
Frank Mir:Brock Lesnar
QJ Rampage: Forrest Rematch
Cheick Kongo:Antoni Hardonk
Antonio Rodriguo Nogueira:Randy Couture
Wandy Silva:Matt Hammill

As for CB, I could care less with his tap and deny BS:
12/31/08 11:01:51PM
Pat Berry vs. Neil Grove
Brad Blackburn vs. Pete Sell
Matt Hamill vs. Steve Cantwell
Antoni Hardonk vs. Cheick Kongo
Yushin Okami vs. Kendall Grove
Quinton Jackson vs. Rashad Evans
CB Dolloway vs. Nate Quarry
Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar
Ryo Chonan vs. Steve Bruno
Mustapha Al-Turk vs. Heath Herring
Wanderlei Silva vs. winner of Bonnar-Jones
Mike Massenzio vs. Nissen Osterneck
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Randy Couture
Forrest Griffin vs. Winner Machida-Silva

1/1/09 11:15:57AM
Why do yall think Kongo-Hardonk? Kongo-Gonzaga, maybe, but Kongo is real close to a title shot.
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