Whom shall be the next opponent of Werdum?

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10/26/08 2:44:07AM
Sorry for the title... but I thought we needed another one of these threads. I say Werdum vs. Velasquez or Carwin.
10/26/08 2:52:41AM
Cain Velasquez would be fun
10/26/08 3:11:37AM
I would like to see a fight between him and valazquez. it would be a great fight IMO
10/26/08 3:26:26AM
Velazquez/Werdum would be a war. But I doubt Cain will get a fighter of Werdum's caliber just yet.
10/26/08 3:56:40AM
Carwin or Velasquez would be great fights, but I think the UFC is gonna try to Build them up to be stars (and they could do the same with Santos) so i doubt they'll fight someone like werdum just yet.

Antoni Hardonk would be a decent choice for Werdum. Very talented, great striker, exciting fighter, but not the "Star in the making" that Carwin or velasquez are...

Actually, Heath Herring wouldn't be a bad choice either...
10/26/08 9:11:21AM
Herring would be a good choice considering the fact both are coming off losses.
10/26/08 9:30:45AM
Ya, I say Hardonk or Herring. Carwin and Velasquez are both coming off wins
10/26/08 10:50:59AM
I like the idea of seeing where Cain is at this point. Everyone is always hyping him up... let's see if he can hang with Werdum.

Speaking of Werdum... that was the worst I have ever seen him. He looked pretty out of shape. Rogan said he was beefing up for Lesnar, but I suggest beefing up with muscles instead of a spare tire next time.

And that overhand... why in the world did he throw it like that? I actually took a bathroom break while that punch was being thrown it took so long. And while he is throwing it he is looking straight down at the uppercut from Dos Santos...almost guiding his face to be in perfect position to absorb the punch with his nose. And what an uppercut it was. That uppercut was nothing like the "boxing" uppercuts Sherk was throwing and more like the shorukyen that I'ved used to defeat M. Bison on many occasions. There is no way that punch lands in another fight without Dos Santos catching someone who just noticed a hundred dollar bill on the ground.
10/26/08 11:27:06AM
I like Werdum vs Velasquez. Should be a war with Cain winning a TKO or decision.
10/26/08 11:31:03AM
like a lot of people have said already i'd like to see Werdum Vs. Carwin but it probably won't happen because the UFC is tring to build them up. Werdum Vs. Herring would be a greeat choice imo.
10/26/08 11:46:45AM

Posted by Solidus

Ya, I say Hardonk or Herring. Carwin and Velasquez are both coming off wins

Same here, plus I think Carwin and Cain need a bit more protection until they face off a guy like Werdum
10/26/08 1:50:50PM
I agree wth the Hardonk / Herring picks. More of the striker's that Weredum has the problem with...let's see if he can get past it, kind of like what they did to Drew McFedries you know?
10/26/08 4:24:21PM
how about cheick kongo??? interesting match up
10/26/08 4:28:21PM

Posted by king_katool

how about cheick kongo??? interesting match up

That would be a quick fight lol. World class BJJ black belt vs no ground game at all.
10/26/08 4:32:16PM
Werdum vs Lesnar after lesnar is beaten half to death....
10/26/08 8:24:10PM
I would say Werdum vs. Carwin. The guy he fought wsa about as low on the ranks as you could get, and Werdum just got caught and was finished. There isn't really anyone that Werdum can fight that would be lower than Junior.
10/27/08 12:30:33PM
The next opponent for Werdum should be Kongo or Herring.
10/27/08 2:19:06PM
Herring or Hardonk would be good match-ups for Werdum after his loss.

Werdum needs a win to climb back up the ladder again imo and there's plenty of time for him to fight Cain.....just not yet

10/28/08 12:20:48AM
I'm definately thinking Herring next.
10/28/08 7:04:00PM
Herring all the way IMO. It could be Velasquez though. I want to see more of Cain V
10/28/08 8:59:07PM
Seems like its Herring by a landslide.
10/29/08 12:09:39PM
one word .... herring
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