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3/4/07 4:52:12PM
Alittle info about myself
Im 26 5-10 207lbs..
I use to be really active and stayed around the 165-175 . But after sitting in a truck 24-7 repoing cars for 3 years I sit at 203-207 . I no longer repo cars and Ive never really changed any kind of eating habbits.. Im wanting to drop this weight and start training in some bjj and Mauy Tai with my son. What is the best method in dropping weight safe and fast? Im the kind of guy that needs results fast . I have alot of steel weights work out bench and a tread mill but Im unsure on methods i should take to with this stuff.. I would like to lift for mass so does that mean I want to lift the heaviest I can in small reps? All in all how long should a good work out last? Thanks sorry Im a newb at all this.Any positive suggestions are greatly apperciated thatnks.
3/5/07 5:23:27PM
wow same thing happened to my dad from sitting in a truck all day. he use to box now he cant even jog.. if your knees aint screwed id say run
3/5/07 7:35:40PM
It's simple. Regulate your diet, and do cardio as well as weight train, and you'll be amazed on how fast you'll get into shape. If your serious about it, for the first few weeks of your diet, just think about what your eating. No need to really count your calories, carbs, etc. Just don't eat anything that you don't think you should. After that, you can step it up a notch, and set up a diet where you can regulate your intake.
3/6/07 4:43:23PM
Hey thanks but where can I get a list of cardio and weight training exercises ? Every time I try to google the subject its littered with BS.. Also do u know of any sites filled with info on proper diets because I always get mixed opinions on everything..
3/6/07 4:53:18PM
This site has info for you my friend

3/6/07 5:10:20PM
You say you want results fast you probably wont get that.. You also said you haven't done much physical activities for 3 years. In you late 20s your metabolism slows down, so it may be harder. Just make sure your burning more calories per day then your taking in.
3/6/07 8:37:56PM
Hey thanks guys... Is there anything on the market that actually works with helping to speed up your metabolism?
3/6/07 9:40:59PM

Posted by zenki

Hey thanks guys... Is there anything on the market that actually works with helping to speed up your metabolism?

A couple of my friends use Hydroxycut, but if I were you, I wouldn't waste my money on that stuff. Drink plenty of water, and eat the most "unprocessed" things you can find(natural/organic stuff) and you should be fine.
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