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3/15/09 4:17:07PM
The whole purpose of fighting is standing up for your team and for yourself. If you take that out, you take out the element of self-defense, and skilled players such as Crosby/Malkin, Datsyuk, Ovechkin, Thornton, St. Louis/Lecavalier, would be at the mercy of anyone who wanted to hit them, because they certainly aren't going to be running around hitting everyone who gets the puck, because that isn't their role. But with fighting in the game, you can hit a skilled player, but you must be aware that someone like Eric Goddard, Andreas Lilja, Donald Brashear, Jody Shelley, or Evgeny Artyukhin coming after you for it. Fighting keeps players in line. You wouldn't dare throw a dirty hit with intent to injure on a star player when you know in the back of your mind, that you are going to have a 6'6 enforcer coming after you to put you back into your place.
3/16/09 12:16:49AM
I say we add hockey to mma.
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