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12/30/09 2:12:03PM
Which 5 fighters (of all-time) are/were the most entertaining/enjoyable to watch, regardless of whether or not you're a fan.

In other words, which fighters do you ALWAYS look forward to seeing fight. They always have you on the edge of your seat. Always get your blood pumping. Always make you grind your teeth in anticipation. From the moment the lights go out and their entrance music starts up, you know you're in for a show. It's almost as if YOU are the one fighting.

I'll shut up now...you know the feeling I'm trying to describe...

In no particular order:

1 - Wanderlei Silva (his pre-fight staredown alone makes me want to start a riot just to relieve tension)
2 - Fedor Emelianenko (not up for debate)
3 - Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto (if you're an MMA fan that hasn't seen a Kid Yamamoto fight, I highly encourage you to do some research)
4 - BJ Penn (if you disagree, I think you may be clinically insane)
5 - Brock Lesnar (love him or hate him - and I'm personally not a big fan - he gets the adrenaline pumping)

HONORABLE MENTION: Jose Aldo, Clay Guida, Genki Sudo, Chuck Liddell, Shogun

POTENTIAL TO MAKE MY LIST SOON: Anthony Johnson, Jon Jones, Junior Dos Santos, Cain Velasquez, Muhammad Lawal, Pat Barry
12/30/09 2:39:44PM
Great topic! I'm looking forward to seeing some of the answers!

1: Wanderlei Silva: He has not had one boring fight!
2: Forrest Griffin: The guy is always exciting even in defeat.
3: Matt Brown: I'v only really known him since TUF but he's a exciting dude!
4: Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto: All time best KO in my opinion.
5: Diego Sanchez: Mainly because that dude is crazy!!

Honorable mentions to:
Clay Guida
B.J Penn
Andrei Arlovski
Thiago Alves
12/30/09 4:24:34PM
1. Rampage
2. Fedor
3. Crocop (from pride)
4. Clay Guida
5. Wanderlei
Really hard to narrow it down to five this took like ten minutes
12/30/09 5:02:35PM
Wandy, Marquardt, Diaz, Faber, Huerta, Lawler, Johnson, Guida, Florian, Davis, and Cro Cop, oh and most recently Jim Miller!
12/30/09 5:35:41PM
Wanderlei Silva
Ramon Dekkers
Mike Tyson
Buakaw Por Prumuk
Anderson Silva
Jose Aldo
Fedor Emelianenko
Chris Lytle
Manny Pacquiao

Honorable mentions: Pat Barry, Mauricio Rua, Manny Pacquiao, Ray Sefo, Melvin Manhoef, Nick Diaz, Rob Kaman, Badr Hari, Gilbert Yvel, Peter Aerts, Norifumi Yamamoto, Mark Hunt, Arturo Gatti, Scott Smith, Donald Cerrone, Yodsanklai Fairtex, Giorgio Petrosyan, Andy Souwer, Mirko Filipovic, Genki Sudo, Bas Rutten.

12/30/09 6:15:02PM
The following because win or lose, they always bring out the best in their opponents:
1) Mayhem Miller (Did anyone catch him on American Ninja Warrior?)
2) Nick Diaz
3) Clay Guida

Tie because I will always watch a fight featuring a white man with corn rows.
4) Evan Tanner
4) Urijah Faber

Tie becuase once these two get tired of playing can whip their opponent in brutally fast fashion.
5) Anderson Silva
5) BJ Penn
5) Fedor

Honorable Mention: Donald Cerrone, Jon Jones, Carlos Condit, Jose Aldo, Cung Le, Miguel Torres, Brandon Vera (I mean heavyweight Brandon Vera).

Mention: These fighters are guys who for undisclosed reasons I anticipate watching just to see the possibility of them getting smashed.
Diego Sanchez, Karo Parisyan, Tim Sylvia, Tito Ortiz, Melvin Guillard

12/30/09 6:48:01PM
1. Wanderlei
2. Shogun
3. Fedor
4. Mousasi
5. Big Nog
12/30/09 6:49:13PM
In no particular order:

1. Igor Vovchanchyn
2. CroCop
3. Fedor
4. Chris Lytle
5. Wanderlei Silva
12/30/09 10:15:32PM
1. Big Nog
2. Roger Huerta-always excitement. Leaves everything in the cage.
3. Frank Mir- he talks a lot and backs it up most of the time.
4. Randy Couture-always counted out but proves people wrong
5. Nick Diaz-no explanation needed.
12/30/09 10:20:50PM
Honorable Mention

Frank Shamrock
Vitor Belfort
Scott Smith
Urijah Faber
Phil Baroni
12/30/09 11:32:15PM
omg no mention of Tokoro!!!!!!!????

Every fight he has is super exciting. Can trade with the best of them standing up and he has one of teh most exciting ground games in MMA, hes like an octopus on the ground.

12/30/09 11:34:51PM
1/1/10 4:14:30PM
BJ Penn
Chuck Liddell(at this point, when i watch him i know hes either gettin ko'd or knocking someone else out, so its exciting.)
Chris Lytle
Melvin Manhoef
1/1/10 10:22:18PM
To me watchin guys that are a few years ahead of the curve fighting style wise are the most exciting to watch

A. Silva

these guys could be my personal top 5 most exciting but pretty much almost everyone listed is pretty exciting
1/1/10 10:51:53PM
In MMA, I'd probably go with Shogun first and foremost. Every fight he's had has something memorable about it, from the way he and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira lit each other up for twenty minutes to the diving superman punch on Alistair Overeem, there's nothing about the guy that makes me forget any of his fights.

Outside of MMA, Peter Aerts in the 1990s made one of the coolest highlight reels ever.

1. Mauricio Rua
2. Anderson Silva
3. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
4. Nick Diaz
5. Fedor Emelianenko
1/2/10 12:01:37AM
i'm going to throw Aoki's name into the hat. every time he fights i bit emy nails form end to finish because at any time the fight could end by an amazing submission or a vicious knockout. there isn't one place in his fights that are boring: on the feet he can always get KTFO, on the ground, you just don't know what he is going to pull off. there is never a point where i can relax. plus, he does some cutting edge submission half the time he fights, gotta love his fights
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