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11/5/07 5:08:49PM
On October 31st, the mixed martial arts community awaited the verdict in Sean Sherk’s case involving his positive nandrolone test after his championship title fight with Hermes Franca. Instead of a resolution to the deadlocked title picture in the UFC’s lightweight division, the California State Athletic Commission managed to keep the top-tier of the division on hold for another 2 weeks. The commission did not receive an information packet that Sherk’s attorney had sent the week before. It caused the commission to push back the hearing in order to review the data that Sherk had submitted. With the fiasco that was the Phil Baroni case, the negligence of the staff at the CSAC to pass on information to commission members in the Sherk case, and the history of bad decisions that has plagued the CSAC is the past, it seems Dana White has had enough.


11/5/07 6:11:33PM
I'm tired of this Sean Sherk thing. It's sad that MMA is experiencing the same steroid problems that other sports are. You can't get away from this anywhere. It reminds me of both the Floyd Landis and Rafael Palmiero cases.
11/5/07 6:30:44PM
Stop this case fast imo not let it go on and on and on and on
11/5/07 7:28:54PM
I actually think that this is just about all that Dana can do. Give that interim title up so that his company can move on, that way if Sherk is ever convicted or not, they will have everything in the octagon set up for his return. A number 1 contender, or a new champion for him to start climbing up the ladder to oppose.
11/6/07 9:16:49AM
The interim title really isn't the issue in the article. It's whether or not Dana's move to call out the CSAC now instead of two weeks from now could be a move that has some bad consequences.

If Sherk comes out guilty anyways irregardless of whether he did it or not, most casual fans who actually know of the news would look down on the belt and on Sherk. The CSAC is a horrible commission, but their decision still stands unless Dana can somehow discredit them enough to get an investigation.
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