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11/24/07 1:19:56AM
I need an opinion from you guys...

I have been boxing for a few years now and I am starting a combat sambo class in 2 weeks. My question is should i continue to train pure boxing and pure combat sambo or just rush straight in and start training pure MMA? Is it more beneficial to study one pure technique(such as Mirko with Kickboxing and Fedor with Sambo or Henderson with wrestling) before transitioning into MMA? And yes i do plan on fighting at some point within the next year.
11/24/07 4:29:47AM
It's been talked about a couple of times on here. It would depend on the person in each case in my honest opinion. Things like money and training partners are the two biggest things I concern myself with.

To sum it all up the consensus we've seemed to reach here is that if you can afford to train at more than one place with great instructors- do it
11/24/07 7:24:59AM
As far as I'm concerned the best way to do it is to get a strong grounding in a striking art or a grappling art, and then transition to MMA. I think if you just start with MMA right away you become a bit of a jack of all trades fighter, and with all the MMA gym in the USA these guys will become 10 a penny, if they arent already. Having a strong primary doesnt mean you will be one dimensional, it means that you have a strong base to build on. For me, it would be my Muay Thai, and that if I ever wanted to do MMA (and I wont!) then I would just have to get on with learning wrestling and BJJ, since my striking would already be more than adequete for MMA.
11/24/07 10:10:09AM
I would say start out with a strong striking base and a strong BJJ base work with those for a while and then go to mma classes once you have some sound skills in both departments and you will be in good shape
11/24/07 10:24:34AM
well I have no idea if this will help you, I also come from a boxing backround. I only have 2 years. I just joined BJJ/MMA. It's great, I can't wait until my first mma fight.

lol I was also a bad kid, and got into street fights at party's and shit.
us boxers got reallllllll good hands, and your speed will help you anywhere u go.
and when yu get into spar or w/e you'll tear it up even with a good boxing/bjj or boxing/wrestling.

as long as you learn to parry kicks and stuff.

11/24/07 5:57:52PM
Personally I think Muay Thai has more application in MMA than boxing alone. Obviously boxing is not as useless as some (uneducated) guys think, I must add. Boxing is very useful, the guys saying it has no place are the ones who have never trained it, sparred with a boxer or had a proper fight. I just think that since Muay Thai makes you lethal with all 8 of MMAs legal striking weapons, its better to focus on all of them, rather than having just amazing hands.
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