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1/23/09 7:09:07PM

Posted by Jackelope

edit: Also, go figure I'm a huge Dave Grohl fan, too.

For as much as I don't enjoy the style of music he plays, Dave Grohl is by far my favorite non-metal musician. The Foo Fighters are one of the few non-metal bands I will hear on the radio or something, and NOT turn it off, and actually enjoy listening to. The guy is a magician, everything he touches is pure awesome.
1/23/09 9:10:29PM
Gary Moore
Kenny Wayne Sheppard
1/24/09 3:13:05AM
Jack White- He is putting out top level rock today compared to some of the **** mainstream rock is bringing out. He actually knows how to play a guitar and isnt stuck in a "strum everything out til the actual sound of the guitar is drowned out by everything else." In a way, I hate Green Day for that reason even though they arnt doing exactly what it is today, they began the path.

Billy Squire- When I here people say great older bands, this guy never gets brought up and he should.

Electric Six- Good small band that never seems to reach national level fame.

Stereophonics- I forget how I found this band but their great and I guess like ELectric Six with their story.

1/24/09 10:42:38AM

Posted by TheCatFather

I see you lost an Avatar bet Downunder.

how'd ya guess
1/24/09 11:58:04AM
Noel Gallagher
1/24/09 3:17:02PM
The Dixie Dreggs

Steve Morse is without a doubt the most underrated guitar player alive today.

And Dave Larue is the most underrated Bass player, possibly of all time.
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