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7/8/07 5:32:47PM
if they had a open tournament with all the current ufc lightheavy weight and heavy weights in ufc who would win???

and here are some good pics of heavy weights and light heavy weights.
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7/8/07 6:04:41PM
I would have to say, the LHW's would make it to the finals... Leaving Rampage vs Liddell, and Rampage stomping on Liddell again, and again! Liddell will never beat Rampage.
7/8/07 7:35:57PM
dan henderson depends on how the fights are set up vera would be good too have to think it would be someone strong on the cardio.
7/8/07 8:22:46PM
It depends on how the tourny is set up, but I would bet that Nog, CC, GG, and Shogun would all be up there.
7/10/07 7:53:37PM
I think the finals would have liddell and cro cop in it. but it would depend on how it was set up
7/11/07 3:26:01AM
i would say the top 4 would be rampage,shogun,vera,arvloski if he can actually go back to his old self if not i would say liddell so the lhw's would dominate.
7/11/07 11:12:21AM
Wanderlei Silva vs Andrei Arlovski in the finals....

And I can't decide who takes it from there.
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