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7/14/09 10:33:57AM
This is just a video of me at open mats im in the black and red. Im starting to film my stuff to look at what I do wrong, how to imporve etc. And I'm looking for some feedback mainly from wrestlers.
7/14/09 1:01:10PM
I thought this was submission wrestling at first, but it looks like it's just regular freestyle wrestling practice.

You did a pretty good job of continuously breaking dude's posture down. I guess if I had to offer anything up I would say to make sure that you overhook his legs with your legs in order to help you control his body underneath you. He was able to slip his hips out to the side and roll over on you because you had no lower body control. Obviously that move didn't work out too well for him, but it's just something to keep aware of. I like controlling the lower body and chopping down at the arms when my opponents posts an arm like that.

I'm more of a submission wrestler/BJJ guy, though, so I'm sure there's some guys on here that had very long and successful wrestling careers that can offer a lot better advice in regards to wrestling.
7/14/09 3:44:20PM
I will take a look and see what I can tell you but it will be a bit later as I'm very busy right now...
7/14/09 11:04:16PM
Not bad there a few things I would work on. From a pure wrestling stand point you need to work on your base a little like leg placement and so on. You almost lost control because of your base. Also the other thing is you had chance to roll him lot earlier and his was open for it even before you got the lock in. Depends on what type of wrestler you want to be also. Their are pointers and pinners. I will tell you now most pinners don't make very far in at the Collegiate level. I have such I hard time explaining wrestling without showing because its hard to explain things that are much easier to show. Plus a lot of wrestling terms change from area to area and school to school. But over all it looks good there wasn't much to go off of so I'm very limited what advice can give. Most time I watch guys for 2 or 3 times before I have a feel for what they truly need to work on. But I think it good to video you training as it helps you see what your doing wrong. Now this is the best advice I could give any wrestler, train with guys that are lot better than you. This can be done by going to your local university that has a wrestling program and if the coach there is a good guy ask if he minds you training with his guys from time to time or just watching. You will get a wealth of knowledge from just watching them train and learn a lot of tricks of the trade.
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