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4/24/07 12:23:50AM

a letter from kimo to tito wanting him to join new era fighting
4/24/07 12:30:34AM
that is just ridiculous
4/24/07 2:23:55AM
how long has kimo been abusing cocaine
4/24/07 9:59:07AM
Cheesy (albiet creative) way to promote your new org.
4/24/07 10:43:59AM
"You're one of the elite names in our sport, deserving much more respect and recognition than you've been getting. I've had that same problem since day one (UFC3 vs. Royce Gracie)."

Yeah Kimo. Because You deserve so much respect. Esp. after teh shamrock fights. God some people just love to float their own boat. Talk about full of themselves.
I doubt New Era fighting can pay Tito what the UFC is, not to mention i have no doubt that Titos sponsors wouldnt pay him as much to fight there.
4/24/07 11:59:02AM
that letter is fake
4/24/07 12:31:38PM

Posted by Mayo

that letter is fake

It sure looks like a fake. Kimo can always say it's fake if things go bad. However, he made a nice ad to his promotion... Smart
4/24/07 2:01:24PM
I doubt this is for real, if it is Kimo has just officially become the lamest guy to ever enter a Ring/Cage.
4/24/07 2:20:05PM
haha, that letter is killer.
4/24/07 10:03:55PM
lol. kimo makes me laugh. yeah, looks fake to me too.
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