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POLL: Should MMa adopt the Open Judgin Policy?
Yes 57% (8)
No 43% (6)
12/12/10 7:25:59PM
If anyone here watched the K-1 grand prix than they were aware that there was an open judging policy where you could see how each judge scored the round as they wrote it on their cards. i was very intrigued by this policy and loved how i didn't have to guess how the judges were scoring the fight. there was no guessing, and it actually helped me follow the fight better.

So my question to you guys is, should MMA adopt this open judging policy? it would take away all of the animosity of bad decisions, as it wouldn't be as surprising at the end of the fight how the judges scored it. also, it would allow fighters to know for certain how the judges are scoring it, so they could act more appropriately instead of getting relying upon assumptions. i personally believe it would be great for MMA, and just want to know what you guys think.
12/12/10 7:29:42PM
A problem produced by that is when a fighter is 2 rounds ahead and then Pull's a Falcao/DelaHoya because they know they've already won.

12/12/10 7:44:51PM

Posted by Pookie

A problem produced by that is when a fighter is 2 rounds ahead and then Pull's a Falcao/DelaHoya because they know they've already won.

this is definitely a potential problem, but usually the problem is with the fighters assuming they are ahead instead of the other way around. this thought came through my mind, however, i still would like to see it. maybe there is a way to just tell the audience...but then again you can just text the corner man who is winning. idk, but either way i would like it.
12/13/10 1:47:59AM
can anyone explain there view of yes/no? it would be much appreciated
12/13/10 3:43:21AM

I really don't care one way or another if the scoring is open. I think there are some drawbacks to having open scoring (ie, fighter's taking rounds off when they are ahead on the cards). Outside of that I see very little reason not to have it. At the same time I guess I don't see any real reason why we should have it either.

The biggest problem with judging is the judges themselves. And I guess until we get them fixed, I don't see any reason to turn our focus anywhere else. I don't see any way how open judging would fix the fact that far too many judges are idiots. And for that alone I see no reason to impliment it at this time.

personally I'd rather we focus on what needs fixing first.
12/13/10 6:16:58AM
Well, it would oust the incompetent judges to the world. In that respect, im sure the extra attention would help spark a catalyst.

12/13/10 7:28:54AM
I don't.

It will create contentious situations that will distract fighters and whole camps in the middle of the fight and may even cause fighters and camps to redirect their entire gameplan in order to pull back into the fight. As a spectator, that could create generally sloppy later rounds, and as a businessman, how would it look when Nick Diaz's corner confronts the judges over how they're scoring a fight while the fight is still going on?

12/27/10 11:06:25PM
No, others have all ready stated some problems with this policy. MMA organizations should Ideally have trained judges who are knowledgeable about the sport judge the fights. Not some uninformed individuals from the Nevada state athletic commission who seem as though they have never seen 2 people fight before. Also, there should be more judges (say 5 or 7 or maybe even more) since 2 people can make a mistake very easily. This might actually fix some of the atrocious judging that has been going on, but I really can't see how the Open Judging Policy can fix this problem.
12/28/10 4:24:50PM
I'd worry about people LnPing or just walking around the ring after being two rounds ahead. The only plus of judges being so terrible is that guys feel they need to fight every round like they're losing.

I showing the judges faces as their score is read is the right way to go. Keep them honest and accountable. Fighters are doing their thing.
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