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4/6/07 11:33:30AM
Which one do you prefer open or closed palm gloves? Closed gloves don't let your opponent to hook a finger in the glove, but some people grapple better with open gloves. I was looking to get a new pair of MMA glove, but I can't decide on which to get open or closed.
4/6/07 12:07:23PM
I like open hand gloves because they just feel better on my hands but that's just my opinion
4/6/07 11:50:41PM
If you're doing comp. fighting, its illegal to hook your fingers into the opponents gloves, so don't let that decide for you.

I like open palm because you get a better grip. I have a friend that has enormous hands and he likes the closed palm more, but hes mostly a striker and doesn't lose grip on the ground because of hand size.
4/18/07 10:25:45PM
i like closed, more grip
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