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1/26/09 10:25:55AM
1/26/09 10:29:34AM
No. Fighter bashing threads like this are frowned upon here and they quickly get out of control.

They also are against the site rules:

2. Blatant performer bashing (fighters, referees, promoters, etc) will not be tolerated. Stating your opinion in a factual, non-profane manner is acceptable. Example: "I don't really like [fighter name]", "I don't agree with the call that [referee name] made", etc. Flaming/libel is not acceptable. Example: "[Fighter name] is an utter piece of crap", "F*** [fight promoter]! He/She is a walking turd!", etc. Try putting yourself in a fighters place, having worked and trained hard to get where you are, having put your body and health on the line for the entertainment of others, and then imagine reading a forum topic where people who don't even know you are calling you a piece of garbage. "Least favorite fighters", "most overrated", and "fighters you hate" are thread topics that promote fighter bashing.
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