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POLL: should there be an online store where we can use earnings?
Yes 57% (21)
No 27% (10)
Why not? 16% (6)
7/20/07 11:31:46PM
i just thought of that and there could be some cool shirts or some items we could purchase for earnings.
7/22/07 5:48:53PM
Sounds awsome.
7/22/07 6:53:23PM
Let me get this right....You mean a store where we could take our fake money (as we got $1000 to start), and buy fake merchandise? Or would it be real merchandise with fake money?

Im down for that, sounds great to me!!! Maybe like how the show Wheel of Fortune was a long time ago where you could buy a wicker duck for $500.
7/23/07 10:06:11AM
either price's would have to be really high for a single item or maybe there should be a certain amount in your account before you can buy
7/23/07 3:48:25PM
Great idea, but it simply won't work unless they start charging for members to join. From a business point of view, it just wouldn't make any sense. Giving something away for nothing would make MMAPlayground go under pretty quickly.
7/26/07 4:14:09AM
this site is already givin so much i couldnt ask for more
7/26/07 4:04:28PM
All we can ask is that the site is here, the fact we have a good place to discuss MMA is enough imo.

Besides spending fake money on real goods doesnt make sense, although an e-shop where we could buy MMA playground goods (with real money) would be cool.