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8/15/08 9:44:48PM
I'm thinking about getting into this but I'm a little hesitant. Has anyone ever been screwed over, and if so, which site? Aside from that, if not, what sites do you find are reliable and offer the best odds?

8/16/08 12:30:45AM
I've been using since 1997.
Never have had a problem.

They don't always have odds listed for all the fights, but it is the most user friendly site I have ever bet on.
They have also added fights in the past for me after dropping them an email.
8/16/08 12:51:46AM
I lost about $1200 when went under and couldn't legally try to get it back. Just use the main sites and you'll be straight.
8/16/08 2:28:13AM
I use and they're awesome. Just an example of their awesomeness, last time I put in money, my credit card company fined me $15 for using a sport book. I casually brought it up in conversation on the phone with them, and they actually credited me $15 to make up for it, which was really nice considering I wasn't even complaining about it, and had no way to prove it to them.

Also, if you sign up for an account with them through the site, we get a little kickback, being as they're our main sponsors, so it helps keep the site running.
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