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9/13/07 2:22:24PM
Anybody play on ?
It is great because it uses fake money just like this site.
You can play on your PC and then you can also continue your game using your cell phone and it remembers your progress.
Of course I always choose the "Internet" link so I play against real people.
The fact that it is fake money means I don't have to sell my house and my car LOL !
If any of you sign up, let me know your screen names on there.
9/13/07 2:27:40PM
it cost anything?
9/13/07 2:46:03PM
It only costs if you want to access it on your cell phone. There is a 3 day trial and then a one time fee.
As for playing it on your PC there is no fee at all.

Oh ya and it let's you do instant messaging chat with all the people at the table.
Make sure you choose "Internet Game" once you run the software.
click here and then choose Free Download PC Edition
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