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8/21/08 6:31:03AM
I've been curious about this for a while now but as best I know there has never been a successful omoplata finish in the UFC. I had seen royce gracie submit akebono while holding him with an omoplata but I'm pretty sure that submission was actually the result of a wristlock which he applied after cinching in an omo just to hold him in place.

Has there ever been a successful omoplata finish in the UFC? I've seen every card and I don't believe I have ever seen one successfully finished, although I haven't seen all of the unaired undercards so I can't be entirely sure. I did some searching and I was only able to find 3 successful omoplatas ever finished at least in the more well documented leagues.

These are the ones I was able to find:

Alberto Crane vs Richie Reyes in a league called PNFR which I had never heard of

Gil Castillo vs Raymond mansfield (just watched this one and it was a pretty slick transition, although his opponent was clearly not very good.)

The last one was really only alleged by someone. A guy named hidetake monma, I have been unable to find any documentation or video of this so I can't verify the legitimacy of this claim.

I know that they are commonly used to set up armbars and sweeps as they are incredibly difficult to finish against anyone with any knowledge of Jiu Jitsu, but I'm curious to know just how often they have actually been finished and specifically if one has ever been finished in the UFC. Anyone know of any others or have different information about the ones I listed? I'm not entirely sure about the Royce gracie one, it looked to me like a wristlock while he was being held, but some sites have it listed as an omoplata.

8/21/08 9:07:14AM
Gil Castillo vs Raymond mansfield

Great transition Indeed!

Yea the Akebono fight didnt finish with the Omoplata, that was acually wristlock while Akebonos arm was in omoplata.
8/21/08 9:21:46AM
Great topic, that's something that's always been in the back of my mind as well.
8/21/08 10:56:01AM

Hidetaka Monma is in the record books at Sherdog.

Also, these two:
Brad Gumm
Shuichiro Katsumura
8/21/08 11:47:14AM

Posted by grappler0000

Hidetaka Monma is in the record books at Sherdog.

Also, these two:
Brad Gumm
Shuichiro Katsumura

Ah see, I looked him up at a few places including sherdog and wikipedia and they both had his name in their database, but neither provided any information, wikipedia lists his record but has no actual description of individual fights and sherdog shows his record as being 0-0, it just has a picture of him and his physical attributes.

Thanks for the info.
8/21/08 11:58:20AM
One man has.....

8/21/08 12:51:09PM
yeah like said before, that move is mostly used as a sweep or a transition to the armbar...and most mma schools that ive seen or have heard about, teach it as such for competition, but it is still widely used in bjj....the only time ive seen it work personally is when i tapped out my buddy with it for ***** and should be noted that my buddy had not grappling experience whatsover, he was just drunk and talking smack
8/21/08 1:11:30PM
I think it's an underused move, but I can't think of many times it's worked in MMA. I think Shogun injured Arona with his omoplata early in their fight, but Arona did not tap.

According to the Sherdog fight records, it's not one of the top 20 finishes which means it represents less than 1% of all wins.
8/21/08 5:29:55PM
its tryly is a hard sub to master and i find when i go for it in comp i get off ballence and swept maybe its just me but ic an see why it isnt that widly used but my gym had kinda a dual meet with a cross town gym and i had to tap to one it was my first fight persay and this guy was freaking black belt i got owned. but
i wanted to no is kendall groves darce on blecher the only darce in the ufc?
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