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11/10/07 10:49:34AM
He can beat ANY UFC HW, he is the perfect heavyweight build and is so agile and quick and very well rounded, he needs to get with a good team and train well but seriously this guy is potentially the best HW, id honestly pick him to beat Fedor right now, lets just see how impressively he obliterates Weizerek tonight then hope and pray the UFC sign him up
11/10/07 11:38:07AM
Yep, he's a beast.
11/10/07 12:37:19PM
I don't know if he can beat any HW in the UFC, but he is a good fighter. It'll be interesting to see if he can make 265 consistently. I don't think the UFC will sign him until he makes HW at least one more time.

Still, don't sleep on Wiezorek. He's 11-1 with wins over decent competition: Dan Severn, Wade Shipp, Jerome Smith (twice). He's a good grappler. I know he's a big underdog, and I'm picking Big Foot in this fight, but I wouldn't be surprised if Wiezorek eeks one out. But don't worry, I'll be the first to say "I told you so" tomorrow.
11/10/07 12:43:28PM
I want to see how he will do in HW since he doesnt have to deal w/ blobs like pele all of the time. his size will definitely be a factor and i would love to see him in the ufc, this will be a good test, and if he beats him out in the first round (like he has done in all of his victories) then i say the ufc should sign him and see what he is capable of. I hope he even goes to M-1 and gives fedor a run for his money so that we can forget about him not being in the UFC afte rhe looses (talking about fedor there).
11/10/07 1:59:24PM
Well he trains with American Top Team if I am correct and I completly agree with Cornish, he is so quick and should be undefeated, Pele caught him with a lucky punch, How did he cut 40 pounds
11/10/07 3:49:18PM
who the heck is bigfoot
11/10/07 3:51:19PM
Antonio Silva
11/10/07 3:54:14PM
thats his nick?

and he made 265? thats freaking amazing. Doesn't he weight about the same as bob sapp?
11/10/07 6:03:54PM
No, he is considerably smaller than Sapp. For Sapp to make 265, he'd be looking at cutting the best part of 100lbs!
11/10/07 6:23:30PM

Posted by Mastodon2

No, he is considerably smaller than Sapp. For Sapp to make 265, he'd be looking at cutting the best part of 100lbs!

sapp weighs 2.25 times more than me (i am 150)...what a fat bastard
11/10/07 8:44:59PM
He made one of the five to beat Fedor in FIGHT magazine.Not that that warrants any thing special,but the guy is huge,and has skills.
11/10/07 8:48:19PM

Posted by mrsmiley

He made one of the five to beat Fedor in FIGHT magazine.Not that that warrants any thing special,but the guy is huge,and has skills.

Who were the other 4?
11/12/07 8:46:31AM
Well it went EXACTLY how i thought it would, Weizorek is pretty tough but he hangs his badly when he is rocked and i was screaming for some uppercuts, shame he didnt carry on the GNP and get the TKO win like i thought he would but its kinda good he has finally got a submission win to show he is well accomplished

He was around 300lbs but i thought at one point he was at 320lbs, he just lost all the excess weight, he didnt cut any weight with water cos there was no limit as this was a SHW fight, so its clear he could EASILY make 265 in the UFC and i desperately wanna see him there, see my other thread but i say lets see him beat down Kimbo then get the call up
11/12/07 9:28:17AM
if i remember correctly, and im just too lazy to run to the bathroom to grab it, the "5 Men who can beat Fedor" were
Josh Barnett
Couture, and...........
Friggin Brock Lesnar....
yah real credbile a source...As in Jerry McGuire, you had me till Brock...then I lost faith in how reliable they were...In reality, I mean who knows, its too early to talk this much sh!t about a WWE f@ggot, but likewise, I do believe its ALSO to early to say he has what it takes to bring down the mighty Fedor. Thtats like saying Battista decided he wants to be in MMA and then gets handed some easily beatable guy and oooh now we have a sourcouble draw. I personally believe the 5th guy could be Ivan Drago, now that guys bred to fight, and he will crush you!
Honestly, the UFC should start a freak show with wanna bes, guys who are curious, and celebrities. Im telling you, itd bring int he dolla billz like no other if you had a card with
Kimbo Slice vs Brock Lesnar
Mike Tyson vs Bob Sapp
Jackie Chan vs Jet Li
Syllvester Stallone vs Bruce Willis
Bam Bam Bigalow vs Butterbean
Tank Abbott vs Mayhem Miller (not even kidding I think Mayhem would win)
As fo the rest of the card, if it ever did transpire, it would BE A GOD AWFUL display of fighing, but entertaining as hell. I got Lesnar, Tyson, Li, Sly, Butterbean and about you
11/12/07 12:40:48PM

Posted by veritas

Bam Bam Bigalow vs Butterbean

His corpse? Well Butterbean may not be able to win that cos he would have to go to the ground to finish him

No seriously he dead ................. Bam Bam died over a year ago