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8/14/07 1:12:15PM
I find it interesting how Pankration was introduced into the Olympic games in 648 BC and yet many think that MMA is a sport that has just started in the last 20 years. Historians believe that although Pankration wasn't the first Olympic sport, it quickly became the most popular.

I would imagine that with the rules put in place on MMA today that it is much safer than Pankration was in the BC days. That said, shouldn't the Olympics take note of MMA and not only include it as an Olympic sport, but also revive it as a sport from the earliest days of the Olympics?

There is no doubt in my mind that there are many who feel this way and have even lobbied for the Olympics to take it on as an exhibition at the very least.

If MMA took its rightful place in the Olympics once again, then IMO it would easily beat out all other events for viewership. I mean, put it on TV at 3 AM and you can bet I would wake up just to watch it.

Should it be part of the Olympics. No doubt. Especially if they would want to preserve the heritage and tradition that the Olympics have long held.
8/14/07 2:15:44PM
I agree, however with injuries and what not it would be hard to do an olympic tournament. Not too mention weight classes and rules. I guess each countrty would have to send maybe a team of 3 for each weight class, 1 main fighter in each plus 2 alternates in case of injury. Also good luck with Zuffa granting permission to any of its fighters. However maybe the answer is to have all amateurs compete.
8/14/07 2:26:36PM
having ams compete in the olympics doesn't make much sense to me. the olympics is about finding the best of the best in the world.

As far as Zuffa lending there stars to fight in the olympics i could see it happening (small chance though), with the majority of the A class fighters out there fighting in UFC(and WEC-faber and fihlo) what a great way to rope in new fans by boasting that all the gold medalist fight in our org. (UFC). except maybe fedor. we dont know where he is going yet.

I dont see MMA becoming an olympic sport any time soon, maybe 20 or so years from now. Too many MMA haters out there right now, but once the new generation takes over (ones who grew up watching mma) I can see it becoming an event at the olympics.
8/14/07 3:35:52PM

But back then they would probably feed U 2 the lions if U lost
8/14/07 3:51:12PM

Posted by peachfuzzz1305


But back then they would probably feed U 2 the lions if U lost

There's an idea! j/k

I would definitely like to see country-based team though.

America: Couture, Liddell, Hughes, Jackson, Hendo
Brazil: Gracies, Nogueira, any Silva, Arona
Russia: Red Devil team....period
Canada: GSP and...ummm...uhhh

It would make for an interesting Olympics for sure.
8/14/07 4:46:42PM
I don't think it will ever happen, but it's fun to think about. I think in the World Cup you can play for your parents' or grandparents' country, although I'm not sure what the rules are for the Olympics.

USA: Josh Barnett, Rampage Jackson, Dan Henderson, Matt Hughes, and BJ Penn.

Brazil: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Shogun Rua, Anderson Silva, Paulo Filho, and Marcus Aurelio.

Canada: Krzysztof Soszynski, Jason MacDonald, Denis Kang, Georges St. Pierre, and Ivan Menjivar.

Japan: Kazuyuki Fujita, Kazuhiro Nakamura, Akihiro Gono, Shinya Aoki, and Takanori Gomi.

Russia: Aleksander Emelianenko, Fedor Emelianenko (yes, he could cut to 205), Andrei Semenov, Amar Suloev, and Vladimir Zenin.

Armenia: ____, ____, Gegard Mousasi, Karo Parisyan, and Manvel Gamburyan.

England: James Thompson, Michael Bisping, Mark Weir, Abdul Mohammed, and ____.

France: Cheick Kongo, Cyrille Diabate, ____, Jess Liaudin, and ____.

Mexico: ____, Tito Ortiz, ____, Diego Sanchez, and Roger Huerta.
8/14/07 6:43:34PM
Dosn't look like it's happening soon but would love it since i watch the olympics already and AchillesHeel's picks would make a great olympics.
12/2/07 2:39:30PM
we already have amature MMA. The same as amature Boxing. So why not have the Olympic MMA? In amature MMA no elbows are allowed, no knees to the face are allowed and you can't strike a downed opponent in the head.
Those are the major safety changes. So you could definately fight 4 or 5 times in a week without getting seriously hurt.
There is no excuse not to have it. It would benefit the sport majorly to have not just olynpic wrestlers and world jiujitzu champs but actual MMA style fighters coming into the pro ranks. Look at Ed Herman for example, tore up the amature ranks and sure he's 2-2 in the UFC but he's an elite.
12/2/07 4:03:16PM
i dont think it would be that great of an idea.
12/2/07 4:10:46PM
MMA would never happen because of the brutality. Even boxing gets bastardized by the olympics. I don't really want to see it water down the only sport I love. Current Pankration rules could maybe get in, but not current MMA. We've had this discussion before and that seems to be the general concensus. I can see your pts but don't think it is realistic.
12/2/07 6:35:24PM
Here is my response from the other thread in this forum on the first page.

Here are the reasons I don't think it should be an Olympic sport

1) The safety issue. There are so many safety issues that need to be addressed in MMA. This is more relevant to the striking part of the match. Take Olympic boxing for example. Head gear is mandatory and the gloves are most likely the biggest that can be worn. I just don't see MMA making it to the Olympics in its current form.

In a best case scenario, I would think that in addition to the current rules I would predict the following changes/additions:

a) no elbows or knees
b) shin pads must be worn
c) headgear must be worn
d) gloves might be bigger
e) shorter and/or fewer rounds - probably lots of decisions
f) a new point system would have to be implemented to better score fights that end in a decision
g) like judo, wrestling and other combat sports in the Olympics, an MMA event will certainly have to be tournament style, which alone can cause problems with fighter safety and even sanction rules (i.e. you can't twice in a day)

2) There is no need for it. The UFC alone has at least one show a month. What would a potentially watered down MMA tournament, once every 4 years give us that we didn't have already? Not much IMO. sure there is more international exposure, but do you think the American television stations will be televising MMA fights when swimming, track and field, etc are their bread and butter? Heck, I want to watch more judo and wrestling and can't even do that as it is.

3) There are already too many events in the summer Olympics. Take away 20% of what is there and I might consider removing this point from my list of reasons.
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