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8/13/08 5:30:27PM
I'm watching the olympics of boxing and they're scoring it by significance of the blows and if it goes to a decision the score could be very close or very far from each other. It wouldnt be a fixed score just because someone won the round like the 10 point must system when some or most of the fights arnt even that close. Scoring that way because it goes round by round instead of blow by blow, this new system could also work for the ground and the clinch. I think this system is much better suited for MMA and would end a lot of controversial decisions.
8/13/08 6:04:31PM
In my humble opinion, absolutely not. This system of scoring sickens me, seriously. I don't mean to sound dramatic or anything but it's just bad. We're trying to computerize and make everything as close to the same fight to fight and it's ruining the sports. I've seen some horrible calls in the Olympic boxing matches I've watched and it just sucks to ruin the athletes hopes like that.

The 10-9 must system has worked for a hundred years or so for a reason. Because for every controversial fight you have you have ten or twenty non-controversial ones.

It just sucks that these people trained for four years to get screwed like some of them have been... Just my opinion.
8/13/08 6:09:01PM
even tho it is something to consider, i think that it would create more problems as opposed to solutions....not every organization would go for it etc.....the problem being that there is too many ways to end a fight in mma....and how do you rewards points for ground control?, submission attempts? stuffing a takedown..when it comes to striking, olympic boxing is based on flush connections to the head and torso were the white tip of the glove disapears...with so many different ways to rock or damage a non headgear wearing opponent and change the course of the fight, it would be nearly impossible to determine if it was a quality point or not....and if they come to a tie, then it actually still goes to the judges...the idea behind the system in the olympics (and i think its used in collegiate boxing too) is teqhnique and sportsmanship based, who actually is the better "boxer" and takes away from people trying to just knock the other guy out ..its stigma of the olympics ya know....why its not used in profesional boxing is because pro boxing is more fight based..same with mma...were just cuz you dont have the best technique, doesnt mean you will lose...with mma there is too many things going on were it would be near impossible to catch everything on a point basis...that brings scoring the 10 point system....were qualified judges (all opionons aside) give theyre opionon of the fight, who won the rd, who was the better "fighter" not "boxer"....if you want a good idea of what a point system would look like in mma, watch machida fight, his standup is based on point karate...i think the system is fine the way it is...dont leave the decison in the hands of the judges if your scared about the outcome...and if ya get robbed well then it gives us more to talk about on the forums :)
8/13/08 6:49:24PM
The Olympic boxing judging criteria is awful because its not judging, its counting. In any case people are clamoring for a change to this boxing system and it only happens every four years. I mean for god's sake you have people getting points for getting hit at times. Its just a bad system and if it is between the ten must system and that.. i never thought i'd say this but give me the ten must.
8/13/08 7:01:17PM
I still think it could work.
8/13/08 11:38:53PM
I like the idea of the way they score, but its entirely too complicated. Not sure if some of you actually know how it works, but the white part of your glove has to hit their body or head. At that time it alerts the judges and if the judges deem it to be a valid point, they hit a button. At least 3 out of 5 judges have to give you a point within two seconds or that strike didn't count.

This has a ton of human error involved, and the idea it doesn't count punches to the arm is rather foolish. There are boxers that have made their career off of battering guys arms to take away their offense and then swarming in to lump them up. I also don't like the use of 20oz gloves and the very short fight durations, but those are things I suppose you need to ensure a fighter can go for that many fights to win a medal.
8/14/08 11:05:36AM
The 10 point must system works perfectly fot this sport. Its the judges and officials that need the overall revamp.
8/14/08 11:22:35AM
I personally can't stand watching Olympic Boxing because of the way it's judged and scored. Every four years I start to get psyched about watching the Olympics only to find myself screaming at the TV because boxers are landing punches and they are not getting scored. I can't even tell you how many times this year alone that I have watched boxers lose matches because they are land clean legal punches that are not getting scored.
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