Oli Thompson vs. Shawn Jordan

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3/4/12 8:03:25AM
I haven't seen much talk of this fight. I am just now getting to watch the UFC on FX2 card (sadly and uncharacteristically), and I found this fight massively entertaining.

These guys hit eachother with bombs and put on a great show. The sound of the second to last huge uppercut Jordan landed was amazing. I can't fathom a man taking that punch and not having a shattered jaw and missing teeth. I am looking forward to seeing both fighters in the future.
3/4/12 2:55:18PM
It was a great fight! I usually dread HW prelim bouts but this was a nice change of pace. Looking forward to seeing them both in the future.
3/4/12 3:31:49PM
I think Jordan looked good.
3/4/12 11:16:31PM
sometimes these fights are difficult to make it all the way through, these guys did a great job, nobody gassed as bad as a lot of the under card HW's. plus they beat the piss out of each other so that was good.
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