well since my old fight camp burned

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1/1/08 11:48:40PM
i need a new one anyone want me?
1/1/08 11:52:57PM
yeah i know you guys are stalking me
1/1/08 11:57:03PM
haha you guys are looking and not inviting come on now show some love
1/2/08 12:00:02AM
yall have 5 minutes before i create my own
1/2/08 12:07:43AM
tsk tsk you were to late
1/2/08 8:42:17AM
12 minutes wasn't enough time for anyone to respond, bro. Especially considering the time of day you posted this.

But anyways...if starting your own camp doesn't work out for you, drop me a line before UFC 80 and I'll send you an invite to Team Sure Shot.

Later on!
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