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4/15/07 12:46:30PM
Alright, since I'm posting here I'm obviously new here. My names Frank but my fighting name is Juggernaut. I'm from youngstown, Ohio and right now I'm training at Jim "The Perfect Storm" Bundy's school with Team Bundy. Mr. Bundy is a pro in the IFBL organization. I may only just be turning 18 but I've been watching the UFC and Pride FC since they first came out and I actually completely analyze the fights and don't byinto the hype. I'm a big fan of the underdogs, hell, Underdog was my favorite cartoon show growing up lol anyway, I was in another fantasy MMA league before this one and I was one of the only 9 people to pick Matt Serra over GSP out of over 10,000. so, yeah...big deal right. anyway, /e
4/15/07 1:54:56PM
well if you like alot of underdogs i migth want to make alot of wagers with you downthe line hit me up with your picks for ufc 71 and then after ufc 70 i'll send you some wagers. nice to have you here on the playground.
4/15/07 4:42:12PM
Hello, and i am also a fan of underdogs... Go Werdum
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