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1/29/07 6:31:47PM
If your from Oklahoma you belong here, send me a message if you want to be a part of Oklahoma Top Team!!!
1/29/07 7:17:51PM
How's the King of Late Night doing?
1/29/07 7:25:11PM
maybe I'm slow but I'm not following??
1/29/07 10:39:40PM
Johny "King of Late Night" Carson, trains with Tulsa Top Team and OSU MMA in Stillwater. Just recently had his first fight and win.

Name's Chris, I was assistant instructor to Doug Stokes at OSU.

Less confused yet?
1/30/07 6:19:00AM
Ok i see.
My name is Brodie, I'm a manager at a casino.
1/30/07 11:33:37AM
OK, so not actually in any way connected to the TT in OK.... well then, never mind.
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