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7/11/08 5:41:43PM
Please show some love to my buddy Gerald Hurricane Harris. If you are going to the fight please show him some love. He is a great guy and has a huge heart. He was recently featured on TUF7. He is always happy to meet fans of the sport and is truly enthused to expand his game. He is working on becoming well rounded so he won't have to rely on his wrestling. Any love you can show will be much appreciated.

7/11/08 7:27:43PM
he was one of the best on the show
7/11/08 7:58:17PM
thanks mrkennedy, i'll tell him you said that

after the show he was kind of down because he felt like he let everybody down. positive comments really do hit him in the heart.
7/11/08 8:04:01PM
he was beating amir imo until getting caught, i think he could make a good career
7/11/08 8:09:13PM
I always liked Gerald on the show, he seemed like a chill dude.
7/11/08 8:11:34PM
he worked on his boxing in OH for a bit, he's in AZ right now working on kick boxing and will be in NM soon after to work on bjj

he's pretty excited to do some no gi tournaments, i can't wait for him to get a belt with some color on it, LOL!!!!!
7/11/08 8:26:20PM
Wow, im really surprised the ufc isnt giving this guy a shot, i looked really good, lots of potential. Unless their just giving him time to sharpen his tools elsewhere before giving him a shot.
7/11/08 8:36:52PM
i think it's more of giving him a chance to grow than anything else.

i felt that when Tim failed his drug test for the aderal Gerald should have been given the chance to fight Cale. he was ready to go an could have made weight easily, but things happen for a reason. i'm still glad they are giving tim the chance to come back and make up for it by allowing him to fight cale. best wishes to him.

WAR GHH!!!!!!!!!!
7/11/08 9:14:28PM
he was in the locker room of rampage when he faught forest.
7/11/08 9:47:38PM
yeah, LOL...

he gave me the team rampage shirt i have on in my av
7/12/08 1:09:50PM
ya it was too bad how he went out and he did not act like a kid like the rest
7/13/08 11:59:03AM

7/15/08 4:55:09PM
thanks to all the guys that left nice comments. i will forward them to gerald as soon as he settles back into his new place. he will be happy to hear them all.
7/16/08 6:08:39AM
Here is Gerald's response to you guys:

@ Everyone
Thanks, I really get a lot of motivation out of positive words. I even find some good in the negative comments - I'm 8-2 with 7TKO/KO's so I plan on getting some more knockouts and back in the big show.

The fans have responded well to my progress and some are shocked that I wasnt on the finale card. In all reality, I probably wasnt ready. After attending Rampage camp and a live UFC event - it's a lot more than I thought.

I have stepped my game up, changed management, and I'm a new man!!!!

Oh yeah, I still live with my momma but she cool until she starts dating!!!


thanks again guys, your words of encouragement are really appreciated
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