Okami Vs. Tanner

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2/18/08 3:46:12PM
Anyone have any thoughts on this match? I'm seeing Tanner take this in a late KO.
2/18/08 3:49:07PM
I to have Tanner winning, but I think "ring rust" will play a factor, therefore I say Evan Tanner by Split or Majority Descision
2/18/08 4:20:45PM
Has been asked like three times already, but it's cool. It happens a lot, we all do it at least once it seems. But anyway, at first I was leaning towards Okami, due to Tanner possibly having ring rust and Okami's size and strength giving Tanner problems like with Franklin, but after Okami's comments about american fighters, I wouldn't pick that guy even if I felt 99% sure he would win. I know you can't win fights in MMA fantasy with that demeanor, so I was just blowing off steam with that statement, but seeing how it's a close matchup I feel and hope that Tanner subs him. But knowing Okami's style it could be a decision going to Tanner. Okami is a pretty good fighter, not very exciting sometimes, but I respect him as a fighter but not a man after his comments.
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