Okami vs. Macdonald at UFC 77

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8/13/07 6:21:26PM
It was just agreed by jason macdonald today that he would indeed fight Yushin okami at ufc 77 this could be a very exciting fight, between two top contenders, who u think is gunna win? I got Macdonald Sub rd 2
8/13/07 6:27:31PM
This fight makes sense and should be pretty good even though i think okami is better. I will take Okami unam. dec.
8/13/07 6:28:14PM
8/13/07 6:31:03PM
do you have a link to prove this?

and okami would win ground and pound 2nd round.
8/13/07 7:35:31PM
8/13/07 7:37:27PM
I really like Mcdonald, being a Canadian myself, but I think Okami would win this fight. The only chance Mcdonald has is to Submit him, but I think Okami is just to strong to let that happen. Okami reminds me of Arlovski, for the fact that when they are aggressive, they seem to be almost unstoppable, but to often they are much to tentative. I mean if Okami fought Franklin for all three rounds the way he did in the 3rd, we would be talking about Okami Vs Silva right now. So Mcdonald could pull off the upset, but I think it mostly depends on how Okami performs. Should be a good fight though.
8/13/07 8:14:57PM
Okami tko rd 2
8/14/07 3:20:21AM
Okami is too strong for McD it will end like the Franklin fight
8/14/07 8:48:38AM
I'm taking Okami by UD. This could get him back to where he was before the fight with Franklin-1 or 2 solid wins away from a possible title shot.
8/14/07 12:26:35PM
Okami takes this one.

Jason needs to stay out of Ohio. he will be 0-2 in Ohio after UFC 77.
8/14/07 12:53:38PM
Solid matchup here....

I'll take Okami by UD. Macdonald will probably spend most of this fight on his back trying to pull off some submissions but I see Okami overpowering him and earning a pretty lopsided UD with Okami winning every round.

Okami might not be the most exciting guy to watch but he's very tough on the mat.
8/14/07 2:56:54PM
okami by 2nd round tko i dont see this bein an even fight at any point
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