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11/3/08 6:47:34PM
I am looking to start a camp for ohioans. I am from NW Ohio, but anywhere in Ohio or southern Michigan is cool.

If you are interested please respond to this topic.

note - i am fairly competitive in regards to this site, so i'd prefer people who will continue to make picks.
11/4/08 8:16:35AM
I live in NYC, but am all ohio in my pride. cleveland! I say if you include cincy in your camp which is basically Kentucky, you may as well include me.

let me know. I am extremely competitive, and while I missed a few picks, they were mostly in 2nd league, and one I f-ed up one in main league, when I got the time wrong and missed em'.

ANYWAY. I am interested.

Ps. I have that pic of Anderson on my fridge. reminding me to "focus"!

11/15/08 3:28:06PM
You two are welcome to join OHIO TOP TEAM if you want. If you want to start your own camp that's fine too. Message me if you want an invite. We are in the middle of the pack at Middleweight but jump too Light-Heavy at times too. Currently 15 active people picking for UFC 91, but have 28 members in the camp currently.
12/12/08 11:44:30PM
my team has a bunch of Ohio people... I am in Cleveland..and a lot fo the other guys from Tuscarawas County (Dover)..

so let me know if you want in we have 3 spots left.
12/20/08 4:25:50PM

Only 3 spots open, so know ur mma... ahem

Im durnk
12/20/08 4:53:05PM
Well when you're undrunk, take a look at this thread if you're planning on posting any more in this forum:

1/16/09 11:39:42PM
Ziegler whats up man? you leaving the bullies?
1/17/09 1:33:00PM
Sorry everybody, but i made this thread a while ago, just as i was joining my current camp. I am not interested in leaving that camp. In fact i couldnt ask for a better one.

So sorry that this is still here, I'm not sure how to delete threads, but this can be deleted.
1/17/09 1:36:22PM
You can't delete threads. Only mods can.

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