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12/18/12 6:20:01PM
Birthday props! It's my roommates birthday as well
12/18/12 6:51:40PM

Posted by george112


Congrats - - so that makes you 10 years older than teh kingsmusher
12/18/12 7:04:42PM
Happy birthday man! Have a great day and have a good one
12/19/12 4:35:36AM
I just want to thank everyone for wishing me happy birthday.

If you haven't received your OG Prop for doing so don't worry you will get it sooner or later. Between spreading the love and reaching my prop limit its gonna take a few days. No worries though their coming
12/19/12 3:30:59PM
i know im late! happy birthday!
12/19/12 11:12:04PM
To my friend and OG, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Sorry it's late buddy, I've been traveling the last few days.
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