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POLL: Who are you rooting for?
Team Jones 0% (0)
Team Sonnen 100% (21)
3/10/13 3:09:57AM
Looking through the first 5 pages of the boards I didn't see one of these so I thought I'd make one up.

Post here for your thoughts on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen!
3/10/13 3:13:48AM
Also.. anyone watching the season would really enjoy my friend's TUF Recap series (LINK) that I'm helping cohost.

He has Coach Sonnen coach Jamie Huey on every week along with contestants from the show (this week was Zac Cummings, last week was Jimmy Quinlan & Luke Barnatt). They're all suprisingly candid with us and have told us a lot of interesting tidbits like:

A good amount of Team Sonnen including Barnatt, Quinlan, and Hall are actually in Oregon right now training with Chael

Uriah Hall's favorite fighter is Jon Jones, and felt uncomfortable often times not wanting to be seen saying anything bad about him or his team on camera

Uriah was actually sick the night they went to Hooters. Thus, him being on his own not drinking, being with the guys may have been perpetuated by the show

..and a lot more. I hate to put a plug out but it's a real fun show that you should check out if you're watching
3/10/13 3:21:56AM
Team Sonnen all day

Your friend's podcast sounds pretty interesting. I'll check it out.
3/10/13 3:28:18AM
Team Sonnen all day, when it comes down to it he seems like a better coach and I seem to like his fighters better too. The only disappointment has been Tor.
3/10/13 11:41:52AM

Chael is a great coach. I was doubting him at the beginning of the season but, he has silenced any doubt I had in him a long time ago. I'd be on Team Sonnen no questions asked
3/10/13 12:42:14PM
Chael is an amazing coach and a also really good at the mind part of the game, Jone Jones is just like any other fighter that relies on physical attributes, not as good at coaching as he is at fighting.
3/10/13 2:34:02PM
Chael Sonnen for sure. Besides who would want to be on the former champs team anyways.
3/11/13 8:21:23AM
18-0 Sonnen!

Favorite moment of the season so far was Bubba losing.
Least favorite was Tor losing.
3/11/13 9:08:02AM

Posted by Playground_Samurai

18-0 Sonnen!

Favorite moment of the season so far was Bubba losing.
Least favorite was Tor losing.

I also loved how Jones did his best Forrest Griffin impression after losing to Sonnen in bowling. That would have been a great coaches challenge

does anyone else kinda feel bad for the previous seasons casts in that the guys this season are able to go out and leave the house when every other season was confined to the house and gym?
3/12/13 10:12:20PM
20-0 Jones really is the lamest champion, or the least liked.
3/13/13 12:29:46PM

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3/13/13 4:51:08PM

One more for the bad guys
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