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8/12/08 5:08:03PM
Anyone here play mobsters on myspace??

well if so lets all add each other and make one huge mob consisting of mmaplayground members

wat do u think

so ill start

heres my url:myspace.com/varsityplayer

props will be rewarded to the first 10 mob members who join

a little incentive never hurt
8/12/08 10:27:16PM
my url is myspace.com/chuck94w and i'll be part of the team.
8/12/08 11:20:26PM
8/12/08 11:20:34PM
Ugh. I hate that application. I get tired of deleting all the random comments which have no meaning whatsoever.

Sorry for being a downer but the 100 bulletins and comments per day from people on my friends list who are playing is enough to turn me off to the game completely.
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