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12/9/08 6:23:13PM

Posted by DCRage

Tentatively add Jess Liaudin to the list. No official announcement made by UFC yet but independent reports are now surfacing.

Do they ever confirm it?
12/10/08 1:22:30AM

Posted by MMAcca

Jess Liaudin

Reports surfaced (and went back under) 2 weeks ago
12/10/08 10:46:09AM
Kos update: There are now reports he will NOT be cut after tonight. He's just going to focus on his fight then once it's over, he'll turn his attention to the contract. It appears that, like most of his AKA teammates in this situation, the past grievances will be resolved and Kos will still be in UFC when it's all said and done.
12/12/08 2:54:48AM
Johnny Rees

12/14/08 3:17:28AM
Kracker jap sounds like hes a company man, negotiations are not a one way street. I just get to where i hate the way Dana treats his fighters and his lack of willingness to pay some guys a decent buck. Its not very respectful in a game that should be partially based on fairness and respect. At times Dana, imo, shows neither.
12/15/08 11:48:58AM
Cain Velasquez is back to stay. He'll return to action at the UFN in February.
12/17/08 2:52:23AM
Why isn't this stickied anymore ?
12/18/08 3:32:32AM
Roan Carneiro is gone. As is Marcus Aurelio

Both are fighting for WCA soon.
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