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2/9/13 12:55:29AM
Redemption for my talk of my penis

Roasted Chicken with Pearl Onions and Mushrooms

Whole, or half, or heck maybe even a breast of chicken
Herbs of your choice (thyme, oregano, basil, parsley, chives, any of those really)
Pancetta (bacon would probably work)
Olive Oil
Carrot, diced
Celery, diced
Pearl onions
Mushrooms, maybe cut depending on the type of mushroom

Put the olive oil, carrot, lemon, celery, onions, bacon or pancetta and mushrooms in a big pot. Put salt and pepper on the chicken ( a decent amount). If it is a whole chicken, bunch up your herbs and stuff it up it's ass. Also, tie the bird up so it cooks evenly...ill show you how before we make this. If it's a half chicken, put the herbs under the rib cage and if its a breast i guess youd put it on or under. Throw it in the oven at 375 F for almost 2 hours, but check every 20 minutes so you can spoon some of the sauce over the meat. It's done when it's 74 degrees in the thickest part of both the breast and thigh

Bitch I dont do no amounts cause what you gonna sit there and measure out ur salt? pssssshhhhttt

Edit: just read the instructions lol this was a recipe i sent the wife and copy and pasted to this thread. i guess i cant show you guys how to truss a chichken
2/9/13 1:01:43AM
Portobello motherfuckin sandwich

2/3 porto mushrooms (the big ones)
-Cook on frying pan in oil
-Cut stem off, spoon out insides and throw it on
-Add salt (pinch of pepper)
-They will shrink
-Cook for awhile (10-15 minutes)

-Red or yellow pepper and put in oven (350)/ preheat
-Drizzle whole pepper in oil
-Roll and season with salt
-15 to 20 minutes
-Check at 10 minutes (flip)
-Want it so it's a little black (smells good/ will soften)
-Put in a bowl, saran wrap and put in fridge (dutch mothafuckin oven)
-Want it really soft

-Pop stem out (and seeds will come out), then rinse in bowl of water
-Pull pepper apart into sections (3)
-Then slice into strips
-Take skin off of pepper

-Fry onions (white)

-Goat cheese (crumble it all over on bun)
-Chaibatta bun (or whatever)

-From bottom up,
-Onions (olive oil)
-Cut top off, cut in half (use cut top as surface)
-Peel onion
-Cut a few slices
-Toss in oil

Vinaigrette (mix like salad)
-3 times as much oil as vinegar
-To taste, use sugar salt pepper
-Should have more mushroom than anything
2/9/13 2:04:34AM

Posted by Boo_Radley21

Bitch I dont do no amounts cause what you gonna sit there and measure out ur salt? pssssshhhhttt

2/9/13 7:12:13PM
Sorry guys but it has to be added

10/18/13 6:23:23PM
Good stuff in here
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