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5/25/09 12:12:39PM
Official Dream 9 Weigh In Results and Pictures

Check out the official weigh in results and pictures for tomorrow's Dream 9 event, live on HDNet.
5/25/09 12:43:08PM
Wow... I didn't even really believe that Canseco would make the flight. I guess this really is going to happen
5/25/09 2:19:39PM
War Jose Canseco!

5/25/09 2:20:58PM
I think once you've boxed Danny Partridge to a draw the next logical step up is to fight a 7'2" 370 pound K-1 kickboxer named "Techno Goliath".

So good for Jose. I think he has a solid chance! I mean have you guys ever seen the Partridge Family? That guy looks tough.
5/25/09 2:34:00PM
i'm really interested to see how Mayhem attacks the challenge of Jacare now that he has a second chance. this fight isn't a lock as some might think, as Mayhem has stated he approached the first fight the complete wrong way. i, personally, am still going to go with Jacare but if Mayhem outpoints Jacare on the feet and avoids the clinch it really wouldn't surprise me at all.
5/25/09 2:41:49PM
I am picking Mayhem to win by UD. He says he is training his ass off and that he took the wrong approach last time. I WANT to believe him, so...
5/25/09 2:53:27PM
There's a lot of talk about Mayhem's training, but you haven't heard much about Jacare's camp. I'm sure he's not just sitting around--I'm sure knows Mayhem is going to try and sprawl and brawl.

Maybe Mayhem has a better gameplan this time, but he tried to defend the takedown last time, and he couldn't. It didn't come down to the gameplan, it cam down to the fact that Jacare just has better takedowns than Mayhem has TD defense. It's kind of the story of Mayhems career--getting outwrestled by guys like Frank Trigg, Jacare, GSP--hopefully more of the same.
5/25/09 3:29:10PM
Smart money is on Jacare, for sure. Better finishing ability, better ability to dictate where the fight takes place, already has a recent W over Mayhem, etc. Not saying Mayhem doesn't stand a chance, but the smart bet is Jacare.
5/25/09 3:55:46PM
I just watched the weigh-ins on youtube and all I can say is:


This,imo has the possibility to be the most entertaining card of the year.
It won't be the most significant or important ,but without a doubt a contender for funnest to watch.
5/25/09 4:02:53PM
this card i am looking forward to more than any other this year. I love Dream for giving us a little bit Pride! if nothing else its gonna be hella entertaining. and i'll be screaming for Mayhem
5/25/09 5:32:19PM
Norifumi is a little monster look out world!!!!
5/25/09 6:51:36PM
I'm pumped for this card. Should be mighty exciting. Go Mayhem... but I really like Jacare... so I'm happy either way.
5/25/09 7:55:11PM
i think conseco and mayhem are overshadowing the actual reason wow dream 9 rocks: KID!

this is going to be his coming out party and hopefully fight faber/brown within the year!
5/25/09 8:37:19PM
definitely some good fighters on this card that make the card worth watching(Mousasi, Yamamoto, Calvancanti-kawajiri , Souza-Miller and yes Canseco is an interesting fight cause what if he wins and moves on to face some one his own size ???) Im going for Mousasi to win this freak tourny but could be very interesting to say the least
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