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7/25/12 3:29:19PM
Was so slow at work I got to go home

Sitting in the comfort of my living room as I type this
7/27/12 6:25:06AM
Gonna be a long one today
7/27/12 7:22:41AM
Downed a 5 hour energy about 20 minutes ago

Full of energy. Actually making work more enjoyable
8/1/12 10:14:15AM
No appointments at the hospital until 12:30. Gonna be a long morning.
8/1/12 11:07:15AM
I have 3:30 hours to go and so far I've took a few extra smoke breaks took a nap and cybered with my girlfriend...

Oh the joy of "working"
8/3/12 7:10:03AM
Alright here's a funny story kind of haha

Had to be here at 5 today.
woke up at 459
I have until 507 to clock in without getting points.
Drove as fast as I could didn't make it then get out of the car and find everyone sitting on the curb outside the store.
They greet me with your not late Zach!

im like thank GOD! haha

I have 20 points this tardy would have put me on my final

lucky day. I'll be buying a scratch off
8/3/12 9:19:39AM
unable to do work, Friday in progress....
8/3/12 9:54:33AM
I came into a mess this morning...

Good thing I'm half way decent at what I do, got most of it caught up. Should be smooth sailing for the rest of the day
8/6/12 10:47:56AM
Bored and tired as hell.

luckily I get off at 1230 today. And I'm off tomorrow

BUT then I gotta drive my gf to Houston after work

hate that drive
8/6/12 8:47:12PM
12 hour shift is almost finished!! On a Monday as well
8/7/12 1:32:03PM
Working with many females...they're all fighting again
8/8/12 7:34:07AM
Get to leave at 9 today
8/15/12 6:40:27AM
Todays going to be a slow one
8/15/12 8:41:35AM
Just woke up from a nap... time for break
8/15/12 9:21:27AM
Woke up at 8am to get a call that work won't start until 11am, I hate waiting around...
8/15/12 11:47:42AM
Off today

But tax free weekend is gonna be brutal
8/15/12 12:23:44PM
Bartended last nite till 2, broke up one of the sorriest excuses for a fight I ever saw, but off today from the store, bout to watch the Nate Diaz/Gomi fight again
8/16/12 7:20:18AM
Wake up at 420. Shave take a shower. Get to work at 5 no one is there . Look at my schedule says I don't have to be there till 7.

Went home tried to go back to sleep. No go.
Now posting on the PG
8/16/12 12:22:41PM
This day is seriously flying by. When I come back from lunch ill have only 3 more hours
8/22/12 7:02:14AM
Gonna be a good day. Get off at 1. Then home to take a nap
8/22/12 7:59:58AM
Been at work for 2 hours...... done about 20 minutes worth of work.... can't wait for the day to be over, heading to the fair with my girl after work to hang with the carnies and freaks
8/22/12 4:51:44PM
4 hours left at work and i've done everything I need to do already. This is going to be a loooong day.
8/26/12 7:01:00AM
Wow. Everyone called in but me

Taking my lunch at 10 come back at 11 leave at 1

Sucks most of the PG is still asleep
8/27/12 6:24:49AM
Just got here and I'm ready to leave.

First day of school which means its going to be super slow today.

Hopefully this day just flys by. Tired of waking up at 430. Lucky I have a day off tomorrow to catch up on some sleep
9/4/12 2:48:55PM
the people that run my place of employment needs to have glass for stomachs so they can see while their heads up their asses
9/5/12 9:58:03AM
Heard some of the most ignorant and idiotic comments from someone at work today, first thing in the morning. Great start!
9/6/12 5:53:26PM
I didn't get any sleep the last 2 days and I am seriously struggling to keep my eyes open. Luckily I'm only working this job for 3 hours today, but I'm having a hard time not yawning into people's ears (call centre)
9/7/12 6:35:18AM
Been off for a week. Actually feels good to be here
9/8/12 6:07:13AM
getting it started early today
9/9/12 9:12:23AM
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