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6/28/08 2:05:24AM
heres a story to start off the thread.....

so i was smokin a fat blunt in the car a few years back and this cop pulls me over (for a broken tail-light) so i put the blunt out and light a cigarette, i acted like everything was cool and by the cops aura i thought he wasnt suspicious at all, but after he got my license and info he said "so wheres the marijuana at?" knowing i was caught i said i have a quarter ounce under my seat and give it to him, he then proceeds to give me a broken tail-light ticket and takes the weed, i just thought i'd share a "good cop" story to put in the official I'm stoned thread
6/28/08 4:59:17AM
This happened one of the first times I smoked weed.

The culprits of this story are Me(11) & my 2 neighbors which i will refer to as tom(13) and alvin(11).

Well we were all smoking in tom's smoking spot, this clearing in a forest area on a hill by my house. Theres a couch there (where did it come from? who knows... thank you smoking gods) and were chilling there just peacefully smoking a joint. all around us is dirt, the only grass is about 10 feet away in every direction. Well as we are smoking my buddy alvin decides that it would be a brilliant idea to light a black cat as no ones looking to spook us. Right as he sparks the lighter to light it, my friend tom jumps up and with divine luck decides the best way to handle this situation is to flee as fast as possible. My buddy alvin throws the fire work and instead of doing the rationale choice and stomping it out, i do the high choice and flee as well, followed by my friend alvin.

We here the POP and we sprint faster as we are running off the small hill into traffic, cars slow down thankfully and we run across the street into an outlet mall where alvin's parents owned a donut shop. We get into the shop, relieved that no one caught us in our shenanigans. We scold alvin for being a dumbass and in return he gives us donuts and the brand new Vanilla Coke drink which just came about on the house. We forgive him.

So were chilling there in this donut shop munching when i look out the window. My jaw drops at the sight of a huge column of smoke climbing into the air from where we just were. This dumbass through the firework into the Grass that was a good 10-15 feet away from us in every direction. Soon the whole hill was set ablaze and we are in utter shock. Everyone in the outlet area is on their cell phones calling the 911 and all we can figure out to do is eat more donuts.

Soon we all fled to my house just out of a general air of uneasyness between us and within an hour a cop knocks on my door. Shit. I open it and he mentions that a few kids said they saw me walking into that area about 20 minutes before the fire started. I am 11 at this point, and somehow i manage to come up with an allaby off the top of my head and somehow(thank god) it makes perfect sense. as a high 11 year old i managed to beguile a full grown man/police officer. I am on top of the world at this point.

Pretty much we got away with it and the only damage that came about because of it was that our smoking spot was now gone. You reap what you sow i guess. Luckily no one got hurt other than a few bunnies here and there.
6/28/08 3:28:19PM
well im in amsterdam, its impossible to not run across it even when you "quit"

89, is that peyote in your avatar?
6/29/08 1:35:08PM

sorry......i just wanted to do tis bc i could

6/29/08 3:18:49PM
Listening to KAYA by Bob Marley at like full blast x1000. it's so hot out today, on the porch with my laptop, neighbors complaining bout the music but they cant do SHIIIAAAAT for another 8 hours, then it'll be 11pm, then i will be screwed...but then again probly wont be on my proch anymore. Aaaaanyways WOOOOOO BAAAAAAAKED
7/1/08 11:18:47PM
Just smoked a bowl and can't remember what I was going to type
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