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5/6/10 8:24:19AM
still drunk from yesterday, what a rough night. its so uncomfortable kicking a chick out of your house in the morning, there isnt a great way to sugar coat that at all. things were easier when i was 20, lol.
5/12/10 11:11:44AM

Posted by cowcatcher

still drunk from yesterday, what a rough night. its so uncomfortable kicking a chick out of your house in the morning, there isnt a great way to sugar coat that at all. things were easier when i was 20, lol.

5/14/10 3:33:08AM
I finished my prospectus for my Master's Thesis. That f*cker was 20 pages long. I am just waiting to receive the feedback and then I will complete the project. I have decided the best way to celebrate this occasion is to invite zxandu over and drink beers with him until the wee hours of the morning. I will definitely be posting something in about 4 hours that is way less coherent than this.
5/14/10 4:46:21AM
Okay, so I have decided that I will be posting a series of threads in here as I keep getting drunker and drunker. I really want people to know that SNL-Celebrity Jeopardy skits are the ****. Febtober. Febturday. "haha, she said turd"

These will get worse as I go on.
5/14/10 5:38:18AM
Drunk math brought to you by drunk Josh.

I had asked the question of "how many Gracie's are there" in another thread. Well, I decided to do some math. Carlos Gracie had 21 kids. He had his eldest, Carlson, in 1932, making him 31 at the time. His youngest son (the 20th), Rilion, in 1963 (couldn't find any information on when the youngest daughter was born), so, that gives him a total of 31 years to have pumped out 20 kids. That's an average of 1.55 kids from 1932 to 1963. If the man wasn't tapping someone out, he was tapping something in. to Carlos and his ability to f*ck and fight.
5/14/10 9:22:33AM
fuycking drunk, i love it. yay me. gp graduate go
5/14/10 5:43:39PM
The drinking has started for me in anticipation for game 7 tonight... I'll either be drunk with happiness or drunk with depression when it comes to a conclusion...
5/14/10 5:56:27PM
I'll be here with you, Hendo. Let's get the job done.
5/15/10 4:01:25AM
Well i was drunk with depression, it was god awful...I literally got beaked by the entire bar, it felt good being noticed for being an avid Bruins fan but felt dirty because...well, because of the loss.
I was drinking tears, and a lot of them.
5/15/10 10:05:31AM

Posted by mkiv9secsupra

Posted by Stickan

okay I'm ready.... To give my story from tonight... I am sort of together with this chick but not really and because I don't want a relationshjip just yet but she's jeasous as hell and tonight I met a new girl who's hoooooootototot as hell and on topp of that I met my ex who wanted to hook up with me and change new phone numbers and stuff and i'm supposed to call my ex tomorrow...
I made out and almost slept with the hootototo girl but we didn't have timee sp I unfortunatley said i'll call her tomorrow and the problem is that jessica (the girl I'm kinda seeing) is jealous as hell and she probably can't ahve that-
I wanna sleep with them all.. what do I do?

Do 'em all. Keep the best......simple as that......and dont give your ex your number....that turned out bad for me,

Darwin would have approved
5/15/10 2:57:16PM
It could be worse. I went to the bar with my ex-girlfriend (already hammered). It's her last night in town. I got so drunk that I passed out in the back seat of her car (twice) then I went back into the bar and drank 4 double shots of Rumplemintz for no good reason. I then drove myself to Taco Bell where I proceeded to order a Grande Meal for just me, then drove to Vons for a two liter of coke, and then back home. I woke up with 8 Burrito's, a half drank 2 liter, and an ex in the bed. Horrible night.
6/5/10 10:39:39AM
where in the hell is the im hungover thread in this place?
6/8/10 5:58:24AM
I finished my masters thesis today, i am hammered as ****, yay me. thas alll
7/24/10 2:01:58AM
Wow, it's been awhile since somebody's posted here. I'll get it rolling again. Feeling good after taking down some Leinenkugels Honey Weiss.

On a side note, right before I walked into my house, a big ass lightening bolt struck and the thunder scared the sh*t outta me I almost pissed myself
8/14/10 11:19:48PM
I'm going to try reply to messages but i'm absolutely hammered. have been for several hours
9/26/10 3:53:37AM
Jager drunk.
11/21/10 2:07:33AM
Feeling a nice buzz going and happy that Sotiropolous pulled out the W for a avatar bet win for me!! Sorry Gartface, I won't take it too hard on you.
11/30/10 10:13:24PM
YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHH! It's not often I'm on here drunk but its good times when I am! Evan Tanners BEARD we stil remember you!!!!!!!
12/5/10 7:15:29AM
I haven't posted on here in a while because I haven't been drunk since last week, but now is my chance!

I am presently rocking out to Lady Gaga. I think after this I am going to listen to a little Savage Garden. These are all vices of mine!

Anyhow, I am going to tell a drunk story!

Do not leave your upstairs bathroom window open if you own cats.

My roommate took a shower and left her bathroom window cracked (it fogs up bad inside her bathroom). My cats are indoor cats, but one LOVES to try to "ninja" out the door/window if the opportunity presents itself.

Needless to say, I am sitting down at the computer when I hear a thunderous noise right above my head. I cannot find one of my cats who is always up in everyone's business. I open up the front door because I hear some noises and he's laying in the bushes.

He had pawed open her window and jumped onto the awning above my computer desk (this was the noise I heard). The awning is at a 45 degree angle and he slipped and fell into the bushes.

He wanted back inside since his "escape" worked out so poorly.

Damn ninja cats.
12/22/10 9:26:17PM
Just madse turkey samich it was goood!@
1/21/11 1:06:55PM
Crap, i forgot about this thread.

I'm sure i'll have a good one coming tonight/tomorrow night.
2/7/11 10:09:42AM
Just woke up and pretty sure I still qualify for this thread.
2/11/11 2:57:41AM
Cappy Morgan Private Sstock got me lock stock and two smoking barrells
2/12/11 11:01:50PM

Posted by cowcatcher

Just woke up and pretty sure I still qualify for this thread.

4/17/11 3:26:14AM
you know what i havnt had in awhile? big league chew...
4/17/11 3:27:24AM
oh and i just banged by girlfriend... it was nice, i didnt pull out
5/21/11 2:00:11PM
Nobody really posts in this section.
5/21/11 8:46:11PM

Posted by KungFuMaster

Nobody really posts in this section.

That's because everyone is too busy trying to be saved. Suckers! I'm trying my damnedest to qualify for the thread, but I'm not there yet. This beer isn't working as advertised.
5/26/11 10:10:24AM
i fuckn idiot...
6/4/11 11:52:13PM
Glad I made it here again. Wallowing in my miserable picks for TUF 13 and losing a av bet. I'm actually pissed off right now that I did so bad. I'm also sunburned from the wavepool today as well. I'm kind of an angry drunk if you can't tell.
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