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5/23/09 3:51:20AM

Posted by king_katool

Posted by MMAcca

Girlfriend's birthday today, so hopefully much drunkness will come tonight

not too much ,its no fun if she just lays..... there

Oh i dunno.....
5/25/09 2:24:54AM
just got back from a party. watching adult swim sitting here laughing at king og the hill. and realized hanks dad doesn't have any shins. for some reason they're in japan and his dad is having fantasies about zombie japanese people. i don't eben know hoe to react right now.
6/4/09 3:33:39AM
just finished the 12pack of disgusting coors and starting on the whiskey,,,,ugh..... it sucks but oh well im getting drunk bitches.......... IM ON A BOAT!
6/4/09 3:38:05AM
also when does aaronno0 get his lifetime drunk poster badge?!?!

i thought i drank a lot then aarono9n came along and blew me out of the watre so i vote arrono9 as best drunk poster 09 haha
6/11/09 11:40:37PM
Im so drunk right now its not eve fun. But I just finished Universtity so I think im entitled to get really drunk whenever I want this month. If I end up getting my degree, this thread is goig to be gtting spammed everyfday so get readiy. It should be fun to real d.
7/3/09 12:42:39AM
Holdin' it down for my CPT bro Aaronno9.


7/4/09 10:40:02PM
Currently pre-gaming for a Fourth of July party. Yup, I'm ready to go!
7/12/09 3:54:28PM
drinking coors light bc bud light wont pay me
7/25/09 7:15:06AM
damn, never realized I could post drunk on thinks sitej can youo get banned here? I need to stop postin on other thrieads when im drunk and sendin hippysmacker shi:::ty PMs. oh yuea i have a bunch of ink and im goin to get inked on my leg, every time i see that in a post i get hyped up and wa'nt to put my dog in a tail bar? i'll post pics of my ink and wabnt some feedback on the if I get some vots for yea i'll do it[ and then post the picss! here
7/26/09 2:17:20AM
Just got back from the bar. Buddy is a bartender. 4 tall captain cokes, filled half to 3/4 full of captian and seasoned waffle fries for a graond total of $5. I am going to bed a happy man tonight
7/31/09 12:44:33AM
Wasted and on vacation for the week. Gonna go camping tomorrow. And get more wasteed.

8/2/09 12:00:39AM
Im drunk. I had as awesome night, we got to see like 4 fights. It was awesome. But probably not awesome for the people loosing the fights. I cant imagine that was fum.
8/3/09 1:46:56AM

8/5/09 4:12:46AM
DESTROYED RIGHT NOW WITH DIABLOFREAK56. we're listening to iwrestledabearonce screaming the most violent ****. michael j fox \m/ ftw.
8/9/09 2:44:09AM
Drunk right now dissing Forrest. Watching Aliens so that cheers me up a bit!!! Downed some Finnegans and Captain Cokes so I'm feeling good
8/10/09 6:03:31PM
man i went back and read the first few pages of this thread..

really takes me back.

saw members i havent heard from in so long

Mastadon2 whered he go??

and fedorwins1??
8/11/09 12:11:27AM
8/13/09 1:55:40AM
I am wasted. I f anyone is int hte albany area go t to bombers burrioto bar. greate burritos and great gdrink specials. NICE>

EDIT: I don't even remember posting this. Bombers does have great burritos though.
8/15/09 8:18:47PM
I frequented the People's Pint earlier, which is home to many hippy's alike, and is consequentially a fantastic place to belittle and bully. One guy was actually reading poetry at the bar. Yes poetry my friends, but rest assured he got was coming to him. After my verbal thrashing, my friends actually told me that he loved it! Apparently hippys love harsh criticism. You just can't win!
8/16/09 12:26:24AM
Feeling good...
8/21/09 12:50:18AM
I'm going to give it to ya, bayabeh, bayabeh, bayahbehyahyahayahayhayahyahayahyahayahyahayhayahayahayhayahayahyahayahayahayahayahayahayahayahayhayahayahyah -ODB
8/23/09 10:01:22PM
Booze+metal= me.....

9/11/09 12:33:37AM
**** i love my whiskey
9/17/09 11:59:13PM
Great nihgt to be alive.
9/21/09 10:50:52PM
Its alright on ice...


9/23/09 11:20:36PM
Does double posting in the drunk thread mean you could have a problem?

Cuz I'm feelin good.
9/23/09 11:37:47PM
Good job keeping the thread alive breakdown!

I had my first real wake up in the morning and not being able to remember a single thing about the night before moment last Sunday. So im giving my organs some time to repair.

It was horrible. I tried to ring my buddy, he said I got kicked out of the club we where in but he couldnt recall why. Then I caught a funny smell and got out of bed. Straight into a pool of dried vomit on the floor. Now its Thursday, and ive cleaned it 3 times every day, the smell is still there. Also noticed a nice hole in the laundry room door, and that my hand was jacked. Why I did it will remain unknown, its the first time ive ever done anything like that.

When times are good, alcohol is my friend. When times are bad, its the damn devil!
9/24/09 12:18:36AM
Bwaha. Dayuum. Just read through the entire thread sober for the first time. Trying to remember the events that happened on the nights of certain posts is making me lol to myself quite alot.

My nights out tend to be very predictable. Thursday is student night. Its cheap so I drink far more than the human body can handle. Saturday is when everybody goes out who has to work through the week ect. I still get quite wasted, but not so much, and ALWAYS end up seeing or getting involved in some kind of fight.

The I get a full 24 hour hangover. Never a head ache or anything, I just feel really sick all day and often do a diarrhea poo or two. It sucks.

All in the name of fun though ey?
9/25/09 10:43:03PM
9/28/09 11:19:17PM

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