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11/28/07 7:51:04PM
I know its quite a ways off, but with GZ fighting Aoki, Fedor fighting Choi, and Hasegawa fighting Mach, I think this would be a great event for picks. Supposedly Aleks Emelianenko, Roman Zentsov, Joachim Hansen, and Luis Azeredo will all also be on the card. Its practically a PRIDE card.
11/30/07 7:18:09PM
that would be a fun one to pick...
12/4/07 10:28:15PM
Yeah I hope they put it up there. There is also the K1 card with Sergei, Akiyama, Kid, etc.

Right now nothing in the secondary league there is only WEC HD net and IFL :( Would be a shame if they just ignored those events.

12/5/07 7:18:48AM
Oh dont worry they wont, both Yarenokka and K1 Dynamite will be up on the Secondary League

Sadly you wont be able to watch that show on ppv tho
12/6/07 2:23:07AM
Quit your crying and go make your picks.
12/13/07 3:17:41PM
I don't really know what "league" means on this site, but why is a card with way more top 10 fighters then the UFC card not "primary". Is it an availability issue, because M1 is available for free and live, so that should not be the problem...
12/13/07 9:07:11PM
If M-1 can put on shows with that kind of line-up consistantly and have the fight card remain intact up until the event, they could end up in the Primary League.

The Secondary League is for fight cards with mostly lesser known fighters (HDNet, Cage Rage, etc) or for orgs who have trouble keeping their fight cards from falling apart on them (Strikeforce, IFL, etc).
12/14/07 2:14:11AM
So its not really about the actual card, but about the org putting it on? I guess that makes sense, sorry just wasn't exactly sure how "league" was defined.
12/14/07 3:16:39AM
Right, if the card has three or so fights with well-known fighters, we'll throw it in the Secondary League, and if any of those guys can hold a fight card together with top talent, we might stick them in the Primary league eventually.
12/15/07 8:04:51PM
D you think that M-1 has the capibility to become a "Primary" league?? If they keep puting on show like this they def. should. BTW Thanks for letting us know how the secondary and primary league's work, because i thought that some of the tuf finale events or ufn's were not worthy of a primary leauge card, but it makes sense to put them there because the UFC is putting them on.
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