Which Nuthuggers Suck member called into Breen's show?

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9/7/07 2:15:08PM
LOL, great job giving him crap by the way, and asking for the prize was classic.
9/7/07 3:12:59PM
was probably hippysmacker
9/7/07 3:16:59PM

Posted by LR

LOL, great job giving him crap by the way, and asking for the prize was classic.

Ooooh, what'd I miss?
9/7/07 3:40:25PM
yeah what's the story
9/7/07 7:36:06PM
Hell, I'm in the camp and have no idea what you guys are talking about.
9/7/07 8:04:01PM
Someone called in on Jordan Breen Show on Sherdog.com and tried to recruit Jordan to Nuthuggers Suck which he described as one of the best middleweight camps.
Breen responded that he would rather try to become the bantamweight champion by doing it solo.
9/7/07 11:28:46PM
Well, it wasn't me, and Manfred is in Romania, so that narrows it down a little bit. Did the guy have an accent?
9/8/07 1:43:56AM
sorry wasnt me, but damn im interested now. damn this liquid diet that my bartender prescribed, i miss all the good internet stuff.
9/8/07 2:24:52AM
haha, I heard the same thing on the show. The refrence to Chuck's chin had me rolling! I'd have to ask the camp which one in our team made the call. Good stuff!
9/8/07 3:07:25AM
I would have guessed it would have been one of you two. It probably wasn't hippysmacker, as thats not his style, and most of the other guys are too busy to do stuff like that. It could be that Polish hippy I guess.

Was the guy pissed about the call? I'm just wondering if they're going to start busting on our fight camp now or something.
9/8/07 4:03:06AM
im thinking the hippysmacker needed to lay down the law on breen since hes been too pro-welfare lately
9/8/07 5:04:17AM
Sorry ya'll . Wern't me . I know who it was though, And apparently he wants to remain nameless.We won the middleweight fight camp crown for the inaugural season. The Chucks chin reference was a inside joke/ personal shot at me. I thought the last fight was an early stoppage, and he takes every chance he can to needle me with it.
9/11/07 11:28:21AM
Whoever it was, it was pretty funny considering he basically interupted Breen for most of the phone call, then asked for a participating prize at the end, lol.