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POLL: Whos #1 when Fedors not in the pic?
Brock Lesnar 64% (27)
Dos Santos 17% (7)
Barnett 7% (3)
Rogers 2% (1)
Allistair 5% (2)
Cain Velasquez 5% (2)
2/17/10 3:50:39PM
Herring isnt a fighter thats easy to finish. In fact hes one of the hardest fighters to finish in the sport. So even if hes a mid level fighter, unless you have cro-cop's kick, and you land it to his liver, nogs jits(which 2/3 of the time wasnt enough)or the explosiveness of Fedor to cut and continually pound on the cut until it tears open; Youre not going to stop Herring short of an injury.
No one has.

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