ufc 91 in nov portland??

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7/13/08 9:47:27PM
i know it's months away
but rumor has it in portland oregan probably rose gardens arena

my question is does anyone know what sat date that will fall on??

my prediction for main event

rampage vs wandy

or hughes vs serra
7/13/08 10:02:41PM
IM ROLLLIN!!!!!!!!
7/13/08 11:55:21PM
Where did you hear this rumor? It would be sweet to have the UFC in Oregon. I think they would do well here. Do you have a source for this? Thanks.
7/14/08 12:02:36AM
Yeah it should be hughes vs serra.
7/14/08 1:18:10AM

Posted by AnDeRsonDaSiLvA

IM ROLLLIN!!!!!!!!

C-U there if the rumer is true....
7/14/08 4:23:57PM
Rampage vs. Wandy
Hughes vs. Serra

Thatd be sweet.
7/14/08 6:09:13PM
two different websites are confirming it will be in portland of all places,
i would rather have it come to los angeles
going a whole year with no ufc in cali is a crime

but i am thinking of making the trip north to watch them in nov

i am just guessing on main events though
i have no clue what fights are planned but i do need the exact date of the fight
7/31/08 7:08:46AM
Might be in the Prudential center in New Jersey. Although this bums me out if so, I can see a bigger outcome in NJ for fights of that magnitude for sure.
7/31/08 7:15:01AM
I think that Leben Vs Bisping should be in Portland not !@#$ing England.
7/31/08 7:32:12AM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Yeah it should be hughes vs serra.

Almost certainly not happening, Hughes recently said it could be next year before he fights again (injuries).
7/31/08 1:53:23PM
I honestly don't see the Wandy/Rampage fight happening, I could see Rampage/Shogun happening it might not draw as big a crowd, but it would definetly in my mind be the more logical fight, because both fighters last lost was to Griffin. Where as with Wandy I say put him against the loser of Rashad/Chuck, which would possibly set up a Chuck/Wandy rematch.
7/31/08 7:10:53PM
they are saying rampage will be ready by nov
rumor has it wandy vs rampage in nov
but in rampage mental flux i am picking wandy to win
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