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11/8/11 11:18:20PM
Some of you may know, some of you may not.
But there is a Youtuber by the name of "lookoutawhale". He has, in my opinion the funniest, THE FUNNIEST, MMA related videos on planet earth.

Recently (or not so recently) his account got deleted and his videos were all wiped off youtube. He started a new channel called "notlookoutawhale". He is beginning to repost his videos up and everyone should support him.

I guarantee you, his videos are funny if you are a MMA fan. Great stuff.
Lots of GSP spoofs, a Chael Sonnen spoof and epic editing skills.

The link is below:
notlookoutawhale's youtube

Trust me, its worth a look. I am in no way getting paid by him, I just support his videos and its given me lots of laughs and I want to share it with you guys.


11/8/11 11:29:10PM
Feedback? What do you guys think?
Deserve a pin? hahaha
11/9/11 3:40:27AM
just spent almost an hour watching all his vids. pretty goddamn funny
11/9/11 6:32:18PM
I'm surprised at the lack of views and replies here :P
You people are missing out.
11/10/11 12:55:07AM
His videos are always golden. I know I've personally posted several of his videos on here over the last few years. He actually won a video contest and got event tickets from Dana a couple of years back for his Super F'n UFC Brothers video. His Bisping's Island that he did with Chaplinshouse was also genius. Coincidentally, lookoutawhale started doing Punch-Out edits shortly after I made my "Kimbo's Punch-Out"...probably just a coincidence, but I'd like to think I inspired him.
11/10/11 10:02:10AM
lol how can anyone not like lesnar the guy's hilarious
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