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7/16/07 3:27:23PM
just noticed under my game history is a secondary league with all of the smaller organizations and I must say thanks mods for adding that I think we should all be thanking them for this
7/16/07 3:37:33PM
yeah this is pretty cool =)
7/16/07 3:42:41PM
7/16/07 4:02:28PM
looks great and should be good to keep us hardcores busy. but i must say it was hard picking some of those winners in the ifl i've never seen alot of these guys fight. and i won't be able to see alot of these fights live what sucks but should still be fun to see hwo i make out.
7/16/07 4:10:45PM
I like it too...

Really like how it stays seperate from the UFC / Pride and doesn't help or hurt your totals

7/16/07 4:13:20PM
Yeah, I was willing to risk my UFC/Pride score on it, but now I don't have too. I can randomly make whoever I want for predictions, without fearing for my record.. Thanks Mods!
7/16/07 4:50:06PM
Thanks a lot mods. Great work. It's awesome to be able to pick on this many events.

This site is only getting better...
7/16/07 6:20:53PM
I like it!!!!
7/16/07 8:54:42PM
I think it's nice that they seperated the 2 leagues.
7/16/07 9:58:41PM
Great add. Although as soon as somebody does well on the secondary, theyre going to start bitching that it should be on the main record!

7/16/07 10:13:39PM

Posted by rcg916

Great add. Although as soon as somebody does well on the secondary, theyre going to start bitching that it should be on the main record!

Thatll be me if I do good there rawr!
7/17/07 1:40:38AM
damn, i just posted an identical topic. this is gonna be sweet. shake and bake.
7/17/07 11:58:46AM
I agree, pretty $ addition. Any way of tracking how fight camps do in the secondary league? Just curious...
7/17/07 12:48:55PM
i was thinking the same thing i would like to see who in my fight camp is picking and how we make out between eachother.
7/17/07 10:55:05PM
7/17/07 10:58:42PM
I think it is great. especially with the gap between events
7/18/07 2:52:21PM
I'm with everyone else, the site only gets better and better.
7/18/07 7:31:41PM
I was so happy to see the addition of the secondairy league nice to finally get to pick and wager on the IFL, WEC etc
7/19/07 4:31:53PM
this is bitchin, just sucks we still have to wait to watch anything. i cant believe im excited about the ifl, its the soonest
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7/23/07 4:25:45PM
I'm loving the Secondary League. I don't know how many events they can add, but I would love to see EliteXC and others added as well.
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