did anyone else notice Randy vs Lesnar for ufc 91?

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9/9/08 4:09:55AM
Yeah, I saw that and noticed a tingly feeling in my left arm. I think it was respect leaving the bloodstream.

My take on it is that Randy doesn't want a piece of Nogueira and figures Lesnar will be an easy tune up for Fedor.

I suspect there was a monetary promise.

I would expect that dana wanted this fight to destroy Coutures fight with Fedor, then slipped the name by Couture with mention of a bonus.

Does it sound crazy, yes it does but it would meke enough sense to me. Anyone hear about any extra money being thrown around? Anything about the fight?

Not sure if it's old news cuz I don't get on as much anymore.
9/9/08 4:16:46AM
yeah actually everyone is going nuts about it. not trying to be rude just recommending but go to the search or the news forum next time.
9/9/08 1:37:07PM
Are you kidding i didnt notice ive been locked in a cupboard for the last 2 weeks
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